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Paper范文:Mobile Internet era movies 2018-04-12

下面是Fanessay提供的一篇paper范文--Mobile Internet era movies,下面这篇文章讨论的是在现在的移动互联网时代下的电影。在移动互联网时代下,我们的生活主要表现为以鲜明的个性和娱乐性为主,那些严肃的,没有半点娱乐色彩的生活已经和现在的娱乐化的生活分割开了。在空闲时间中,每个人都安排好了生活,在非空闲生活中,人们表现出来的状态也有很大不同。就跟电影相似,在一个组织看的电影中,电影围绕着严肃,神圣展开,而当一个人看的时候,往往是娱乐,放松。这就是移动互联网时代下的电影。

Film production should adapt to this new era and take care of all the people who rush home during the Spring Festival. The Internet age has upended the cultural popular way of the traditional era, and its version 2.0 mobile Internet is more subversive. "Personality pop culture" is becoming fashionable, and the popular unity of personality and popular interest has become the biggest feature of mobile Internet era. Nowadays, almost everyone can participate in pop culture and entertainment at any time.

Never before in the world has there been such an instant coverage of the world's information audiences. These audiences can participate in the whole personality pop culture interaction just by pressing the finger. The audience extends to the most grass-roots corner of the society, and everyone enjoys the information and games equally. The popularity of entertainment makes the new popular culture change with each passing day.

The life characteristics of the mobile Internet era are characterized by popular entertainment. The sacred thought, the solemn creed, the institutionalized ideology and the daily entertainment of social life are divided. People have arranged their lives, and values and cultural patterns and codes of conduct have nothing in common in non-personal time and space. The same is true of movies, where the film is organized and watched by the traditional solemn and sacred, ideological, and personal watching movies of pure entertainment, entertainment, and personality. And then one really represents the vicissitude of The Times, representing the experience consumption, spiritual enjoyment, spiritual communication, communication and value recognition of people in the mobile Internet era.

Both are real. In this transitional period, the two are exchanged for the conditions, and they follow the characteristics of the mobile Internet and instantly reach an understanding. The conditions for pan-entertainment are given by The Times, and mobile communication tools are already inherently inherent. The conditions that the system is striving for are to allow more entertainment in the space of mobile communications.

All aspects of life in the age of pan-entertainment and mobile Internet have created the general characteristics of the current movie -- the anti-sublime is very common. At the same time, social harmony is more popular, and it is respected and widely supported in this era.

Thanks to the mobile Internet, this is the biggest harvest of mankind in the era of urbanization and information technology. Film production should comply with the new era, we should take care to workers, such as security, logistics, warehouse attendant, and at night the gatekeeper, and all migrant workers and the nanny during the Spring Festival rush about the feelings of the people on the way home, they have already in mobile communication equipment, are citizens of the kingdom of the mobile Internet era. This is a new era of the new movie-watching class, which is the biggest contributor to the box office of "the man reway" and "journey to the west".

This new film form can be called "new entertainment movie" and "value movie". The mobile Internet era has unleashed all its inspiration and all its appeal, unleasing its endless productivity and subsequent creativity. It has its own spokespeople, such as wang baoqiang, huang bo, xu zheng and fan bingbing. It represents the popularity of the individual, represents the independent volitional popular interest, represents the grass-roots cultural era new collective unconscious. Values, so they are a kind of mobile Internet era "drift" and "gone with the wind" values: attempt to seize the common values, but not the ultimate belief, as to grasp in the hand of mobile communication tools, relying on only the invisible network, then will lose the use of the function.