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Paper范文:Inversion of news 2018-04-12

下面是Fanessay提供的一篇paper范文--Inversion of news,它主要讨论的是舆论反转,也可以称为反转新闻。它是在现在这个新媒体时代下,出现在舆论空间里面的新产物,反转新闻的意思可以理解为当有一条新的新闻出现的时候,这个时候,舆论马上就将重点指向一方,随着越来越多新闻细节的曝光,新闻的发展可能会发生反转,舆论的立场可能会马上改变。反转新闻作为这几年的新兴产物,值得人们去研究。

Inversion of news is also called the "inversion" public opinion "reverse" news "news inversion of drama", is the new media era new phenomenon appears in the space of public opinion, usually refers to a news has just come out, the public opinion quickly point to one side, and as more news released details, can make the news story sudden reversal, strong opinion attitude immediately with the new drama to the opposite direction. This kind of news is true and false, and it has brought great impact to the public opinion field. According to the viewpoints of several scholars, the characteristics of the reverse news can be summarized as follows: the news sources are inaccurate, and most of the news is released by self-media users themselves; The topic is dominated by social topics, which can arouse great discussion in society. The content of the published content is strong and misleading to the public.
At the same time, reverse news is a new topic in recent years, and there is a lot of research on it. The repeated reversal of events has caused the public to have a crisis of confidence in the media, which is a test of the credibility of the media and a challenge to the journalistic professionalism. If we want to solve this problem, we must understand the causes of it and put forward corresponding countermeasures according to the reasons so as to protect the credibility of the media, so as to adhere to the journalism professionalism.

The emergence of reverse news is inseparable from the development of social media. The greatest feature of the media era is that everyone is the producer and disseminator of news. In this context, the reverse news has diversified causes. The media and the public, as the main players in the reversion of news, are bound to be mainly responsible for the frequent occurrence of reverse news.

With the further development of media technology, the media has emerged, and platforms such as weibo and WeChat have become the main reporting platforms for news. The development of the Internet has made the right of press release no longer monopolized by the media, and everyone can become the subject of news release. In order to protect their own interests, the media has been moving towards commercialization and entertainment.
At present, the rapid development of the new media to traditional media to bring a lot of pressure, in the fierce competition, some media news timeliness, blindly for the so-called "scoop", in order to get the hot issues in the report, the expense of journalistic professionalism.

With the popularization of mobile phones and the convenience of the Internet, the public access to information is more diversified. In the face of mass information, public judgment is affected to some extent. As the main participants in news communication, the public plays an important role in the development of events.

In the age of Internet, the information on the Internet is numerous and wide, and the network gradually becomes the main source of public information. In this era of information explosion, fragmented information can hardly reveal the whole picture of events, and people can only learn about events from fragments of words, leading to the one-sidedness and subjectivity of public knowledge.
In recent years, there have been many adverse events in the news, both for the media itself and for the public. It is necessary to regulate this phenomenon for the sustained and healthy development of Chinese journalism. The author thinks, can start from the following aspects:
Manage in the field of journalism and communication, first of all make sure of the news media can freely express, this is one of the most basic principle, but in the news media to freedom of expression as well as to its laws. Our country is relatively weak in the news legislation, the formal news law has not been issued. The state should attach importance to the legislative work in the field of news, regulate the news industry and make the freedom of the press "bottom line".
Due to the deviation of journalists' reporting Angle and attitude in the news, the news is constantly being reversed, and the public's attitude towards the event and the parties has changed with the deepening of the report. In order to fundamentally solve the problem of reversing the news, we should adhere to the objective and comprehensive reporting standards. This further explains that the media must adhere to the journalistic professionalism in the report. In addition, the media should verify the content before releasing the report, do not make false reports, at the same time, we should dig deeply into the event and find out the truth as soon as possible.
The public should enhance their own media literacy and the ability to process information, especially the media critical ability, which is one of the public's ability to improve. Netizens should develop the habit of rational thinking in the face of mass information, and be brave to question where there are doubts.

The public lacks the leadership of opinion leaders. The few rational voices that are interspersed in the event of a reversal of news events can properly guide public opinion if they can develop into opinion leaders. The phenomenon of reverse news shows that there is no guide to correct public opinion in this kind of event, and the establishment of opinion leaders should be regarded as an important aspect to guide public opinion in the future.

Inversion of news is the new media environment under the new news propagation phenomenon, although to a certain extent, reflected the public participation of news events and news of awakening of consciousness, but also is explained in another level of strength of the new media impact on traditional media. According to the above measures, we can not solve the phenomenon of reversing the flood of news thoroughly, and we need the joint efforts of all the parties in the society.