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Paper范文:Energy-efficient buildings 2018-05-04

下面是Fanessay提供的一篇paper范文--Energy-efficient buildings,下面这篇文章主要讲的是节能建筑。现在资源浪费严重,环境污染扩大,在建筑上,就需要采取措施来应对。节能建筑就适合发展的趋势,但是节能建筑需要注意一系列因素,比如气候条件以及阳光,风向等等因素。节能建筑主要就是节约材料,减少污染,所以在制作过程需要制定要求.


With the increase of people's awareness of energy conservation, more and more people are advocating building energy saving. Energy conservation building is an important content of social construction, which has far-reaching and important significance to protect the environment. The use of renewable resources can reduce the use of non-renewable energy and reduce the adverse effects of buildings on human health. At present, China's building energy consumption is much higher than that of developed countries, so it is of great significance to develop energy-saving buildings.


Energy-saving building is a new trend of building development. The construction of energy-saving buildings must meet the local climatic conditions and consider the energy saving requirements in the design. Based on this, the planning of the building should distinguish the influence of external factors such as the direction of construction, sunshine and wind direction, so as to minimize energy consumption.


Abroad, mainly according to the energy saving building index to distinguish, including annual index and annual energy consumption index, mainly provides the building energy consumption indicators, such as wall "roof shape factor", shading coefficient and building heating corresponding indicators, in line with the construction of indicators, is the energy saving buildings. This kind of energy saving building indicators can through some technical means and energy-saving building performance indicators, mainly refers to the thermal properties of rigid rules, through some breakthrough of architectural design, so as to achieve the purpose of energy-saving building energy efficiency indicators. In building energy consumption simulation, on the basis of considering the influencing factors of building energy consumption, use scientific method to calculate standard of energy consumption, building energy consumption on the problem of the dissemination of the existing building energy efficiency, energy saving building annual energy consumption cost is reduced, is far lower than the cost of building energy consumption standard.


Energy conservation building is the most important part of the development and research of energy-saving materials. In the market, the energy-saving products need some more complicated technology, so they must demand higher production standards. In the field of energy saving technology, China is lagging behind the developed countries, while the high quality and high performance energy-saving materials demanded by the market cannot meet the needs of the market. Our country is a big agricultural country, the industry starts late, some advanced technology can not keep up, the manufacture quality energy-saving material is restricted. In addition, energy-saving buildings need higher technical testing, which is the premise to ensure the smooth application of energy-saving buildings to the market. However, China's testing technology is not mature, and the energy saving construction industry can not be applied to actual production.


From the legislative level, our country legislation belongs to the blank for energy-saving architecture, although has promulgated and implemented the energy conservation law, but involved are very few in the field of architecture, it left a larger gap for energy-saving building market. Due to the actual production, the life does not have a standard legal system energy-saving building products, materials, energy-saving building materials, unqualified products production, lack of more complete detection system, cause of energy-saving building products cannot be applied to production. Therefore, it is necessary to have a complete set of legal system to strengthen the development and application of energy-saving building materials and products.


First of all, the importance and urgency of energy conservation construction work is lacking. Because the promotion system is not perfect, the promotion mechanism is seriously out of step with the scientific research institutions, which makes it difficult to promote energy conservation. At present, the building energy conservation unit has not established a special technology promotion and management agency, it is difficult to promote energy-saving technology in accordance with national policies. Secondly, the construction of market information system has not yet formed a large-scale trend, and many people lack understanding of building energy conservation and planning and design capabilities. Finally, energy-efficient buildings will make the initial investment increases, the energy saving buildings get benefit is a continuous and relatively slow process, so, many investors are not willing to bear the risk of investment, this can make blank phenomena of the consumer market.


Effective supervision is the foundation for the vigorous development of energy conservation building. In the actual production process, the production of energy efficient building materials and products must be managed by the supervising agencies. But in the actual production process, divided not clear regulatory department, supervision consciousness, lack of effective regulatory means, lead to energy saving buildings in the field of supervision become a mere formality, it is fundamentally hinder the development of energy-saving building products.


The progress of technical support provides a more effective platform for the establishment and development of energy-saving construction industry. Technical level is not high because of the economic market, the price is not high, cause new product and technology innovation ability is weak, so the country should be in the aspect of technology development and application of new energy-saving building special fiscal and taxation support. All kinds of financial institutions should strengthen credit support for energy conservation construction projects, and promote and guide all sectors of society to increase investment in energy efficiency.


In addition, energy saving construction enterprises can accelerate the transformation of energy-saving technology through the direct financing of the market. In terms of energy conservation research, design and construction, implementation of new technologies, research, promotion and application of new materials, and innovative investment and financing system, actively raise funds and innovate incentive policies.


The energy saving construction industry is a complicated chain, which must be regulated by a complete set of energy-saving building legal system. It can specifically introduce laws and regulations related to energy conservation building, and on this basis, design standards and testing standards for energy-efficient buildings, and determine the regulatory authorities to clarify the procedures. We will strengthen the awareness of law enforcement in the supervision department, enforce strict law enforcement, and ensure the safety and reliability of energy-efficient building materials and products.


In the process of the promotion of energy-saving building products, hard to avoid encounter the bottleneck of sales, therefore, should expand the propaganda, full use of newspapers, television, radio, Internet and other propaganda, intensify propaganda, let people understand the importance of saving energy, improving energy saving consciousness. Establishing reasonable formation on national energy-saving promotion mode, and market promotion way, combining the construction of scientific research institutes, the development enterprise and technology intermediary organizations and enterprises participation of cooperative organization, complement each other, mutually promote the diversification of architectural energy saving new technology popularization system.