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Paper范文:About education belief 2018-11-08

今天Fanessay整理了一篇paper范文--About education belief,本篇文章阐述的内容是关于教育信念方面的,可以供大家了解下。时代的不同,还有社会的不同,都会造成哲学思想不同,教育信念自然也就不相同了。亚里士多德关注的是驾驭在人的自然禀赋发挥的力量,柏拉图强调的是教育的社会作用,凯兴斯泰纳崇尚国家主义教育,卢梭是信奉自然主义的教育原则,对于他们的教育信念,都是对教育理论的发展与教育的实践都做出了很大的贡献,这对后世的我们也具有借鉴和启发的意义了。


The big dictionary of psychology explains belief: "the individual has a firm conviction and a deep sense of trust in certain conceptions of the principles of life. The individual's need to reflect the individual's understanding of the world is a kind of cognition activity, which is closely related to the knowledge and experience of human beings and the inference of the future based on it. It is also the foundation of self. The conviction, admiration and respect for a certain theory, doctrine or religion, reflecting the yearning and pursuit of a person and a group, is its strong spiritual pillar, power source and action guide. The interpretation of faith in the great dictionary of ethics is the internal conviction of the truth of theory and the correctness of practice. According to marxist philosophy, "faith often runs through people's practical activities in the form of purpose and motive, and combines with emotion and will to form a solid ideological consciousness that dominates people's actions."


It can be seen that once people's cognition forms belief, it will become very firm; the formation of faith is not achieved overnight, but the result of long-term accumulation and sublimation on the basis of knowledge and experience. Faith has a huge effect on action.


Education belief is interpreted in the education dictionary as: "the education concept or proposition firmly believed by educators." Education belief also has the above characteristics, but the field in which it plays a role is more concentrated in education practice. Education belief can be summarized as the education theory, viewpoint or proposition formed by educators through learning and practice on the basis of knowledge and experience, and adhered to and practiced diligently in education activities. It includes the understanding of the social significance and value of education career, including the sincere desire to invest and participate in education career from the bottom of heart, including the firm determination to overcome the difficulties and setbacks encountered in the journey forward.


Education activities can be divided into broad sense and narrow sense. In broad sense, education activities refer to various activities to promote people's knowledge, skills and physical and mental development. In general, it mainly refers to education activities in schools, and the conditions of education activities in modern schools include a certain number of qualified and stable teachers; Source of students willing to learn; Scientific education content - textbook and relatively complete education equipment.


Education belief points to educators, including education decision-makers, education practitioners, education theorists, education administrators, and more teachers in school activities. Teachers are a necessary part of education activities, and the owners of education beliefs are teachers. In this sense, education beliefs can also be classified as education activities, but education beliefs are not only the composition of education activities, but also the driving force of education activities.


The development and change of society constantly put forward new requirements to education, the law of education's own development and the change of educatee's demand require education to carry on the reform and innovation constantly.


Since the founding of our country's education purpose has experienced many times of adjustment, on the one hand, the evolution comes from the social development and change, reflected in the education policy makers and managers in the mind, on the other hand, although the experience many adjustments, but the theoretical foundation of the purpose of education in our country has not changed, namely the stick to marxist ideas about the theory of man's all-round development, these can be classified as the category of education belief or education ideal. After the founding of our country's basic education curriculum has experienced eight big, the reform of new curriculum reform has been going on for more than six years, a lot of achievements, curriculum standards reflect the reform of the education view of decision makers and managers, the implementation of the curriculum effect depends on the teacher's education idea more updates, from the point of the present situation, the teachers still need to use the advanced education theory and teaching reflection to establish their education belief, culture and education of faith to support their education activities.


Teachers' education belief penetration in all aspects of the education activities, it affects the teacher's education teaching behavior, but also to the teachers' own growth and development, and education teaching reform and development will always put forward new requirements and challenges for teachers, and change the way of education is the result of teachers' education concept updating, and the new concept of education for their education belief. Why there are many teachers in the education on the position of hard efforts, but can not get the corresponding returns, an important reason is that their concept of education does not conform to the contemporary education and the actual situation of the students, and other famous, like Yu Yi, wei scholar, south Korean, Li Zhenxi... They are able to become the model of education workers, are under the guidance of scientific education belief of the result of teaching practice. Wei scholar management class students' independent initiative got fully play, each work all have specialized students in the class, the class discipline in good order, grades, class, students' interest in learning, and even such as he often in order to report on a business trip, the situation is not affected. Because he has mastered the rule of Chinese education and fully understood the characteristics of students, he has formed his own set of effective management and teaching methods. At the same time, he gives students a high degree of trust and is full of confidence and enthusiasm for education career, which has become his education belief, guiding his work forward constantly.


Teachers in before, to be going to work in their student career for many years, through their own observation has internalized a lot of about the value of teachers' beliefs, this influence to some extent after the teacher education belief, and from the current situation analysis, many teachers often get perceptual knowledge is under the influence of exam-oriented education mode, for example, some teachers still use scores of evaluation of students; Some teachers still manage their class in a dogmatic way and a simple reprimand, which is related to their different degrees being influenced by the previous education model, which leads to their deviation in education activities.


Education beliefs of teachers are characterized by specificity, stability, persistence, etc. Education beliefs will build the education personality of teachers, create the moral personality of teachers, and determine the education style of teachers. The teacher with education belief regards his work as not only a profession, a post, but a career, so he has the desire to make efforts for this career in the first place. In a voluntary atmosphere, they will actively improve their abilities in various aspects. At the same time, the education goals they set for themselves are not only written on the outline or course standard, but also the realization of the more lofty education ideal.


As mentioned above discuss, the formation of beliefs and points overnight, it produces in the process of people understanding and transforming the world, is to grasp the objective laws, is the process of sublimation perceptual knowledge for theory, but also is closely related to the emotion, will, etc, and faith is establish on the human practice activity produces great spiritual support. So is education belief.


Each person has different times and societies, has different philosophies and holds different education beliefs. Plato emphasizes the social function of education, Aristotle to pay more attention to education in the person's natural endowment of forces in the play, Rousseau believes in naturalistic education principle, KaiXing Turner praise highly nationalistic education and so on, they all supported by their education belief for the development of education theory and education practice has contributed to push, many of our research education of reference and inspiration significance today.


Theory plays a decisive role in the formation of belief, but theory should influence people's practice activities by influencing people's belief, will and other intermediate links. The selection and establishment of the purpose of education involves the value orientation of human-standard and society-standard. Rousseau, pestalozzi, Kant, maslow and Sartre are the main representatives of human-standard value orientation. In today's society, new education trend of thought has constantly emerged, and many educators have become their followers and practitioners. Under the premise of following certain education law and education policy, they influence education activities in different education ways.


To form a scientific education belief, must first have a heart of love education, and then under the stimulus of this enthusiasm through the accumulation of knowledge and education practice experience, constantly reflect on them, as well as learning advanced science and education theory and used to guide practice, consciously combines learning, thinking The Times promoted to your own idea or claim. At the same time, we should avoid the misunderstanding, that is, teachers should obey their perceptual cognition, teach according to their own experience, and build their education concept on the basis of the old perceptual knowledge. The education concept constructed in this way can easily lead to many drawbacks, such as the inability to adapt to the changes of the new situation, lack of scientific nature, etc., which will lead to adverse consequences if it is used to guide education activities. It is also worth noting that individual power is limited after all. If our education team can form scientific education belief, education career will certainly make greater progress.


True education is spiritual creation and soul inspiration. Education is not a simple operational behavior, but a cause based on faith. The German thinker jaspers repeatedly stressed that "education must have faith, without which it is not education, but only the technology of teaching." Beducation activities with education beliefs have vitality and vitality, and education activities guided by education beliefs can be constantly innovative. Education workers need education beliefs, education workers with education beliefs have the courage to overcome difficulties, education workers with education beliefs have the confidence to build a beautiful education blueprint, and education workers with education beliefs have the determination to cultivate a beautiful soul.