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Paper代写范文:The lens design 2018-11-29

下面是Fanessay整理的一篇Paper代写范文--The lens design,本篇文章阐述的内容是关于分镜设计方面的,可以供大家了解下。对于电影或者是动画影片里的分镜头,是根据文学剧本或者是拍摄大纲的内容与导演的意图,把蒙太奇原理与动画艺术的要求,通过选择和调配,用剪辑手段把若干个镜头结合起来的,这样就形成了生动流畅的镜头语言,从而完成了动画电影的创作了。


Animated film especially, it according to the literature or shooting script outline the content and intention of the director, according to the requirements of the principle of montage and animation art, through the selection and deployment, by means of clips will be several scenes together, form a vivid and fluent lens language, then completes the creation of animated movies.


Filmmaking requires attention to image expression skills, as well as in the era of information shown in the profound connotation, some media image connotation and effective application of era, to grasp the various style and narrative structure, and then the modelling of image function and creatively artistic charm.


A single view on the composition doesn't have a lot of sense. A good film is inseparable from the character, in the pixar animation film has many profound character image. Deep and image characters pass pixar movie theme and ideas to the audience, can say it is the successful image shape to the success of pixar animated movies. Transfer function, the image of the thought is realized through the era of media image connotation, image media era connotation, is a pixar movie creator elements of the use of information, background, character, to realize their own creative intentions and thoughts, through different means of performance information and subjective information to achieve express affective role in information. Emotion is never out of trend, also is the yearning and pursuit of pixar animation films, sentiment also works to bring a new direction, the perennial power can also give pixar animation films convey a kind of spirit.


Scenes of splicing point accurately is an animation movie clip and lens language between the most basic means. When do footage of precision positioning, mainly from the picture and sound two main sections.


Expression is an important reference point, because, in the rhythm of the film and the plot of the process character of expression is its external rendering of inner psychological activity, is the extension of mood, is combined with its external action together promote the development of the plot, the control elements of a film rhythm. Pixar, for example, is good at using precise lens language of narrative and the psychological description of characters, with a playful and exaggerated features animation performance, fast and smooth but popular footage, this is pixar film is to cater to public taste and maintain the basis of their own style.


Character's main body movement is important clip point of reference. The activities of the characters is the key to promote the development of the plot, the film's narrative, actions have played an important role, certain life situations, and daily actions are fixed, on the basis of the specific actions control clip points. In some scenarios without dialogue design, want to pay more attention to the character's action in the guidance on the picture. Play the character body movements and the expression of the combination of the whole plot and theme for editing control is the key point.


From pixar animation film appeared to modern all kinds of films, has for nearly a century of history, in the process of changing with The Times development, pixar film is in constant change, both in terms of its form and melody of music, species are gradually increasing. Character dialogue as one of the most important component in the animated film, in the development of the plot of the film and overall narrative plays an important role.


Movie is a kind of art form, its development and application of all without the use of voice, video, literature. Sound and closely related to film, inseparable. Voice of film directly influence and role is undeniable. And the theme of the film and rendering, environment rendering, shaping of the characters are all help of sound can be achieved. The fairy tale story and music together, make people attracted by beautiful fairy tale story at the same time, also lost in the beautiful music, the charm of music in the film. Every time a new role, song gave his companions strength, but also deeply infected with the audience. Songs in the film, not only deepened the plot, also has all the characteristics of the infection.


Sound as an important form of a film, in the art of film plays an important role. And to better show films to be without important film sound use of expression can effectively realize the emotional rendering. Sound and closely related to film, inseparable. Voice of film directly influence and role is undeniable. And the theme of the film and rendering, environment rendering, shaping of the characters are all help of sound can be achieved. For example: "the robot wall-e," wall-e and EVE after the first meeting, wall-e following EVE watching her and after the discovery of a series of gaffes. Vision lens from top to bottom, wall-e standing there staring at the EVE of search activity "It Only Takes a Moment," a prelude to started the lens switch to EVE using light inspection, the far wall e secretly outcrop, EVE looked back then found, wall-e panic, a series of music connects images effectively. From this classic pixar animation film we can see pixar animated film a microcosm of the characteristics of the music, the music in the movie that is pixar animation, comic and todays characteristics are very.


Every era of pixar animation film very accord with era background, truly reflects the pixar animation film of that era people's mental health and the level of music.


Mainly includes the time sequence in time sequence, the flashback type spacetime, things from the past to the real thing, intersection space-time structure, plot the intersection of several important models; Also includes limited time and space and infinite space and time, unlimited freedom of time and space limitations, the movie screen screen space and time, infinite storytelling; Limited its story.


In the process of lens set, must grasp the space distance, environment and atmosphere, time, speed and action characters, language, emotion, etc., to make the change of time and space in real art, fully guarantee the rationality of the concept.


Lens transformation logic is mainly to follow several logical relationship, including: animation film as a whole the expression of the plot and theme, this is also the main logic relationship, relationship to the development of the whole film and advance; Various characters in the animation movie clues and category of logical relationship, character is the key to promote the development of the plot, their logic relationship also need attention; The normal logic of time and space, general film in the process of promoting is to follow the order of a certain amount of time and space, respect for these factors to ensure the animation film on the table and there is no problem. For example: the "up" at the beginning of montage of clips. Taking your hand, growing old with you together Silly boy and crazy girl from acquaintance to love, marriage, grow old together, depicting the blueprint, experience joy, sorrow, pain and loss.


Scenario is more than the lens design elements of an expression, to realize the scene change logic expression, it mainly follows the laws of the expression of some objective: conform to the logic of life, because of the animated film is also derived from the artistic creation of life, follow the logic of life is the most basic; Conform to the logic of people's vision, the film is a visual art, to ensure the logical scene change, you need from the vision principle, people according to specific viewing psychological adjustment; In ensuring the stickiness of narrative and the continuity of the emotion and scene conversion factors need attention to logic.


The linear expression is the general principles of animation film during editing, the theme of the movie narrative expression is the core of the film. Fragment in a way that is how to present, the center of the film is based on service ideas and themes to the service, the match the performance of the theme, the more thought-provoking is more valuable.


Each country's film industry is also booming, pixar's popularity is well known, in this paper, the characters of Disney's animated film music analysis, in order to obtain a system summary, the development of the follow-up study for pixar animation film a meager force. Pixar animation film development boom are partners? S with the development of low, due to its special historical background, it inspired people to a great extent, to the people in the face of difficult courage and strength.


So visible film rhythm used to play a movie plays the effect that make the finishing point. Each animated films, pixar generally choose a content as the main body, around the theme. Animation film is mainly about the theme of "love", each set of stories, the arrangement of the story revolves around "love", is revealed to the audience in the world of "love", people are strong and fearless. Pixar's other works also have such performance, it is can be deeply felt every audience. The value of art is its soul, and each character's psychological activity in pixar animation is his animated soul. Concentrate on my study a lose abilities of dogs in the face of changes in life, face to the unknown future of behavior, in turn, the author will they feel emotional heart used in animation, but also in pixar animation, positive and negative role on character contrast is very big, everyone has their own outstanding characteristics, it is difficult to found in the pixar animation character of the same two characters, the poet's character is reflected in the human character, so, also it will be easier to let the audience character substitution, deeply understand.


Film rhythm using more accord with people's thought, more with the performance of the theme, more thought-provoking is more valuable. The pictures is different from general film. In general, the movies we see is true, on the basis of natural scene, even the cast their structures, space, also be influenced by natural factors, and because of pixar film is animated movies, so he can freely idea you need color, your favorite items form, on the basis of follow the general rules can be arbitrary. We can see clear streams, endless grassland, that is better than any real film, more people to nature yearning. Black oil, therefore, a clear blue sky, green grass are all created pixar's unique scenery, in addition, in his animation, can't see the scene, we can see life figures, images, these elements are different in Hollywood special-effects, it give a person visual impact at the same time, more important is showing a real gentle feeling, use the technology can make the picture more to impress the audience.


Animated films of the pace is the need to use film language to express. Film language including music, plot, lenses and other factors. Subject film has the characteristics of popular in the United States, not stick to one pattern, freedom of expression, press close to people's life, this is the main reason for the American movie theme increasingly attract the audience, and this is just the weakness of domestic theme of the film. With overwhelming domestic movie themes are the trend of the development, meng to have towards the world, today. But the movie theme, there is still room for improvement in the overall level of this field, foreign large march into has a great impact on domestic films, so domestic movies must be dominated by the audience's demand, quicken the steps of creation, the development of the road make the theme of the film will be more brilliant.


Determine the main factors of animated film rhythm including director, camera and post-production is made and creative thinking, using one or more expression, animated film theme expressed by service for the purpose, choose a good story, compelling story narration means, reasonable suspense and excitement Settings; To need to repeat the plot of the story characters play, taps, etc, to describe the real story.


Narrative rhythm plays a key role in guiding the audience's emotional, due to the visual presentation of animated films, the audience's attention and feelings are formed, through the lens of tension will bring important influence on audiences to watch.


Animation film is a visual rendering, presented in front of an audience of visual aesthetic feeling will directly affect the theme of the film. Metamorphosis is strong, the color is clear, it's on the visual impact to the person at the same time, more importantly showed a real gentle feeling, use the technology can make the picture more to impress the audience.


In the movie is a lot of the feelings of the audience and actors, as a member of the younger in the arts, under the influence of the mass aesthetic, also deeply loved by people. Pixar animation film is one of the important form, it has very important aesthetic value and artistic value, through the analysis of this article, it is not hard to find, animation a shooting rhythm control is composed of various technical means and create together think of opportunely, creators thought, the script is an important way of feelings. This article is mainly on the basis of reference of the research, to find the theoretical support, with specific works as the research object, analysis and application of theory of defamiliarization.