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Paper代写范文:The multimedia skills 2018-12-06

下面是Fanessay小编分享的一篇Paper代写范文--The multimedia skills,本篇文章讨论的内容是关于多媒体技术方面的,可以供同学们了解下。对于多媒体技术的诞生,是让平面设计变成静态图像,打破不能够传达更多内容的单一性和不能够更加丰富视觉形式的单调性。让静态变成了动态的表意与传递的媒介,在视觉的美感上能把平面设计作为基础并且延伸,这样动态的包装能更加容易达到那个艺术效果。


The connotation of modern design is to integrate the thoughts of the author with the needs of The Times, so that the work reflects the functionality, aesthetics and cognition, so as to realize its value. With the help of multimedia technology, the realization of this value will have impact. Multimedia makes graphic design more vivid and its meaning more acceptable to the public. Therefore, multimedia technology is the best auxiliary tool for the design connotation.


When we talk about visual media today, it is easy to think of colorful and dynamic video or multimedia films and television works. At this time, we found that it was no longer possible to use a simple word or two to describe the visual carrier we saw. At this time, because the visual carrier has been integrated into our lives bit by bit, it provides us with almost all the information in life. The great enrichment of this visual carrier is mainly promoted by the development of computer technology, which leads to the unprecedented progress of multimedia technology. Since multimedia makes graphic design "dynamic", the two have been closely combined. People have thought that graphic design can show its connotation dynamically and realize the communication between graphic design and people with the power of science and technology, among which 2d dynamic software of computer can realize people's dynamic demand for graphic design. It can be seen that the so-called graphic visual art and graphic design in the past cover fields including packaging, books, posters, posters and brochures. These traditional visual carriers of plane have become another more dynamic visual carrier driven by multimedia technology.


The most important effect of multimedia technology on graphic design is to make graphic design into an operable interface. To be precise, some graphic design becomes a part of visual experience and interactive operation. Its prominent function is the interaction between visual experience and operation. This is the man-machine interaction realized by multimedia technology, but the function of modern design cannot be ignored in such a process, that is, graphic design makes the picture become an acceptable visual image, while multimedia technology makes it become a more vivid and interactive dynamic carrier.


To put it simply, the essence of icon or design is the result of graphic design, and multimedia makes it add operable functions and feedback the merits and demerits of design. Take the icon, an icon is equivalent to the plane design of a logo design, it must be able to reflect a certain functional, and to identify a certain concept, the connotation of sex, this is design specific explanation is design must express a certain meaning, and let people to recognize the connotation of its voice resonate, this is the connotation of the design. Originally of graphically creative graphic design, content can be used as a good foundation, and extend to the multimedia production, then the graphic style combined with creativity and the function of the new constraints is produced with functional operation and have visual creative icon, the aesthetic feeling of design is still in it, but it is no longer on paper we become creative graphic symbols.


Modern design aesthetic function is through the vivid image, beautiful artistic conception, the expression of rich connotation and health in a specific meaning to the viewer or reader, or read to admire can obtain aesthetic pleasure or cognitive information, and the function of aesthetic pleasure people body and mind is the function of modern design to the connotation of the performance in the first place. The functional sex of the modern design is the appearance of a product and/or structure is also the designer needs to consider the design of the level, because in the United States no actual functional creativity, is of no significance, visible graphic design connotation of its design should also have such aesthetic and functional, aesthetic and functional, but sometimes in adornment such as graphic design is functional and aesthetic fuses in together, namely, aesthetic effect to achieve is to realize its function. Sometimes, it will also become two levels. For example, in the icon mentioned above, it is necessary to reflect the two connotations of function and aesthetics, that is, it can achieve the purpose of pleasing the public and also achieve certain functions. So the connotation of modern design is the unity of function and aesthetics.


All designs have a specific cognitive function, that is, expressiveness. This kind of ideation is to reflect the designer's intention through the design work, so that the public can understand the meaning and function of his design from the middle. All designs are endowed with different contents and meanings, and every designer would like to use various forms of expression to make its connotation easily recognized by the public. It can be seen that one of the prominent aspects of the connotation of modern design is the connotation of recognizability and desire to be recognized.


In the design work, its main elements are color, line, form, etc., among which color as an important factor of design, namely the main elements of graphic design. Color is not only the important role that adorns life, it also is a knowledge. Want to use color flexibly in design work, clever, make the work achieves all sorts of wonderful effect, can more vivid to the expression of the design, form certain contrast. At the same time, contrast can produce a stronger visual effect, or clear, or positive, or strong, so that the individual with a deeper impression. The multimedia mentioned above can not only make graphic design move, but also make the color of the design come to life. With dynamic changes, it can highlight the changes of the color of the work, and of course, it can better reflect the profound meaning of the work and the expected aesthetic and cognitive functions.


The meaning of multimedia is to bring the static design to life. At the same time, additional elements such as music and animation can also be attached to it, which is to make the design dynamic. These multimedia elements can better show the original graphic design concept, according to the characteristics of the works of the original graphic design for the dynamic analysis for the plane design on the new carrier, which is a new vitality, this change will be continually updated development and it is also the trend of the integration of multimedia technology and graphic design. Because such updates will be the main form of design in the future digital age.


In a word, multimedia makes the static image formed by graphic design break the monotony of its inability to convey more content and enrich the visual form. Static into a dynamic expression and transmission of the media, in the visual aesthetic sense of graphic design as a basis and development and extension, dynamic packaging makes it easier to achieve its artistic effect.