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Essay代写范文:The values of British universities permeate education 2019-04-09

今天论文代写机构Fanessay小编整理了一篇Essay代写范文--The values of British universities permeate education,本篇文章阐述的内容关于英国大学的价值观教育。近年来,英国面临着民族融合和形成新的民族认同意识的艰巨任务,一些年轻人遭受着价值虚无主义、理想缺失和精神压抑,以及高度的反社会行为和犯罪。政府、学校和社会必须反思和积极寻求对策,重视教育和相关研究。英国大学充分利用现有校园文化资源,通过多种渠道积极渗透核心价值观教育。


In recent years, Britain has been faced with the arduous task of national integration and shaping a new national identity ideology, with some young people suffering from value nihilism, loss of ideals and spiritual depression, as well as high levels of anti-social behavior and crime. The government, schools and society have to reflect and actively seek countermeasures, values education and related research heated up. British universities make full use of the existing campus cultural resources and actively infiltrate core values education through various channels.


British universities are generally aware of the potential of value education in the teaching of professional courses, and gradually get rid of the viewpoint of value neutrality, attach importance to the coordination of professional knowledge transfer and value guidance, and conduct value education for college students in the teaching of professional courses in a subtle way. At Edinburgh university undergraduate biochemical technology course as an example, this course requires students through 100 hours of study and master the important and commonly used technical principle of various biochemical technology and operating essentials, require students to understand biological chemical technology development of human society the impact of ethical, moral, legal, etc, people know biochemistry technology is accepted basic values. In the teaching process of professional courses, teachers generally use the methods of explanation and discussion to deliver value creed and value concept to college students, publicize moral norms and code of conduct, and guide college students to make rational judgment and choice on the basis of correct value cognition.


In addition to the teaching of professional courses, British universities have widely penetrated the value education into various extracurricular activities. The extracurricular activities of British university students are mainly based on various university student societies on campus, including various cultural societies, various art and technology societies, various sports societies, and even some interesting and weird societies. Through the careful organization and planning of the association, it can not only give college students the opportunity to create and participate in activities, let them see the interesting side of life, but also cultivate college students' sense of fairness, the concept of competition, team spirit, positive attitude and autonomous behavior. Compared with the value education in classroom teaching, most college students believe that "participation in extracurricular activities is more interesting and challenging, and they can take the opportunity to explore and try new roles, cooperate with others in a team, and develop their leadership and teamwork spirit.


In British universities, there are usually a number of service departments related to college students' affairs, which seem to have nothing to do with value education on the surface, but in fact, explicit transactional service and implicit value education permeate each other. The institutional arrangement, content setting and operation mechanism of college students' affairs are the concrete embodiment of the core British values of respecting individuals, law and democracy. For example, in the psychological counseling service, the self-esteem of college students is strictly protected, the counseling center has a strict confidentiality system, all materials without authorization can not be leaked; In the design of the apartment for college students, the privacy of college students is fully considered, and every college student has a separate room regardless of room size. British universities attach great importance to the right of university students to participate in school operation. University students participate in the decision-making and management at all levels. British university students' self-management and service are mainly realized through the student union. In the operation of the student union, highlight the sense of democracy and the rule of law. The head of the student union is usually elected according to procedure. There are many different ways of campaigning and expression in the election process. Universities educate students about Britain's political system and civil rights.


Campus ethos is the concentrated embodiment of the school's spiritual outlook, historical tradition, humanistic implication and the common value goal of the school members. British universities regard the construction of campus ethos as an important way to promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of college students. In order to promote college students to understand and respect the spiritual outlook and cultural tradition, of the university of British universities tend to bring out at the beginning of the new students on campus begin to feel the unique campus culture, such as: the university will usually organize rich characteristics of the school welcome ceremony, the students parents in the afternoon tea, night, city sightseeing, conference, the old grand bazaar, band and so on a variety of traditional and new activities. In normal teaching, British universities try their best to create an elegant and harmonious campus environment and a healthy and positive spiritual atmosphere. The university attaches great importance to the design and layout of the campus architecture and cultural landscape, and permeates the unique cultural traditions of the university. The university will often print a large number of brochures for college students to read. British university attaches great importance to the school staff in the role of the construction of campus culture, school staff, especially teachers in daily affairs and teaching style express the signal integrity and friendly, for college students to provide a correct concept of value, noble ideal pursuit and civilized behavior, and health way of life, play the role of model demonstration.


In the current complex social environment, China's university socialist core values education is faced with many difficulties, which are embodied in the following aspects: first, the contradiction between diverse choices of values and requirements of core values. Nowadays, various ideologies and values are interwoven with each other, and the values show a trend of diversification, which gives college students more value options. However, in the education of socialist core values for college students, universities tend to emphasize the requirements of unified core values and fail to fully consider the diversity of value choices for college students. Second, the contradiction between explicit education mode and implicit education demand. At present, the majority of Chinese university value education takes the classroom as the main position. This over-rational and indoctrination mode of explicit value education neglects the effective integration of rational education and emotional education, ignores the practical needs of college students for implicit value education, and easily leads to the rebellious and contradictory feelings of college students. Third, the contradiction between the whole value and the individual value. The core socialist values embody the unity of overall value and individual value, the unity of social development and individual development. However, in the practice of education, there exists the phenomenon that educators emphasize the overall value but ignore the individual value.


Although the guiding ideology, essential attribute and basic content of British core values education are obviously different from China's socialist core values education, they have something in common in terms of specific implementation. The value infiltration education of British universities has no lack of reference significance for improving the socialist core value education of Chinese university students.


Johann Friedrich Herbart, the father of modern pedagogy, believed: "all teaching is educational. Teachers must be good at seizing every opportunity of classroom teaching to conduct positive moral education." Based on the experience of the British university values education, we should be the basic connotation of socialist core values, the main content and rational in technology, economy, humanities, arts, and other professional courses teaching, combining with the characteristics of professional categories, the overall layout and design teaching curriculum, make the core values education and professional education in harmony together. First of all, the teaching objectives should be subdivided, and the values objectives, knowledge objectives and ability objectives should be integrated into the teaching objectives. Secondly, value education content should be skillfully integrated into professional teaching content to avoid far-fetched ideas and make college students happy to accept them. Thirdly, more open, cooperative, interactive and heuristic teaching methods should be explored to enable college students to feel the integration of wisdom and values in professional education, so as to strengthen positive emotions and guide correct values. In addition, we should pay more attention to the expression of college students' emotion, attitude and values, and apply more encouraging and guiding evaluation to promote the realization of the goal of values.


To effectively carry out the education of socialist core values for college students, we must combine the growth rules and ideological characteristics of college students to make them more targeted and better realize the internalization of values. Study at a British university student community values education in the experience of infiltration, should be in the professional course in colleges and universities education, fully considering the college students' learning autonomy, independence in life and interpersonal broad, set up rich extracurricular activities platform, let the students accepted in the practice of socialist core values education. In the construction of extracurricular activities platform, first of all, we should enrich the forms of campus cultural activities, including healthy and positive sports and entertainment activities, as well as academic activities such as the forum and BBS, so as to attract college students with different backgrounds and interests. Secondly, it is necessary to make reasonable use of off-campus resources to guide college students to boldly "go out" on weekends and holidays by means of visiting, exhibition, experience, theoretical preaching, volunteer service, and artistic performance, and to build off-campus practice platform of "entering the community, the family and the society". Thirdly, we should actively build interactive new media platforms, such as portal websites, virtual communities, mobile newspapers, online magazines, micro-blogs and WeChat, so that college students can obtain information, interpret current events, and strengthen the identification and internalization of socialist core values.


Humanistic care is to care, love and respect people through material and spiritual intervention, and ultimately reflect the dignity and value of people. Drawing on the experience of the infiltration of values education in the affairs and services of British college students, Chinese colleges and universities should create a service atmosphere full of humanistic care and skillfully integrate the education of socialist core values into care and love. First of all, it is necessary to understand college students ideologically, understand the growth law of college students, understand the contradiction between college students' personal needs and the needs of others and the needs of society, and have equal dialogue and communication with college students to improve their ideological state. Next, want to college students in emotional care, strive for to be with their friends of the collision of mind, pay attention to the dignity of the college students, character, personality, personality factors such as emotion, faith, will, care about students' material and spiritual needs, emotionally to improve college students on national, ethnic, social identity, to promote college students to prosperous, strong, democratic, civilized and harmonious connotation of socialist core values. In addition, it is necessary to serve college students in action, contact college students actively, increase the service content of employment, logistics support, psychological counseling and other aspects, enhance the satisfaction and happiness of college students, and make college students learn to respect, care, and assume responsibilities and obligations.


Teachers are not only the creators and disseminators of good campus atmosphere, but also the practitioners and promoters of socialist core values. Teachers play an extremely important role in the value infiltration education of British universities. Drawing on the experience of British universities, Chinese universities should give full play to teachers' self-consciousness and integrate the education of socialist core values into the demonstration of models. Firstly, teachers should be encouraged to continuously improve their own personality cultivation and moral quality, strengthen the theoretical study and research on the formation process, concept connotation, great significance, practice method and other contents of socialist core values, lay a scientific theoretical foundation for socialist core values education, and enhance the subject confidence. Secondly, teachers and college students should be guided to form a teacher-friend relationship, especially for those special college students who are experiencing difficulties, to provide them with learning help and spiritual care. In addition, to perfect the relevant rules and regulations, the teachers' code of conduct and performance review, training, promotion, to establish a long-term mechanism, and encourage teachers consciously in the socialist core values into their own outlook on life and education, into a code of conduct and conscious action, to carry to the education of the whole teaching process.