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Paper代写范文:The Microteaching 2019-04-10

今天论文代写机构Fanessay小编整理了一篇Paper代写范文--The Microteaching,本篇文章阐述的内容关于微格教学。微格教学是高等师范院校的一门重要实践课,是培养师范生教学技能的重要途径。然而,我国普通高校实施微格教学存在着许多实际问题,本文通过问卷调查的方法对高校实施微格教学中存在的问题进行了探讨,并在分析我国普通高校实施微格教学存在的问题的基础上,提出了切实可行的改革建议。


Microteaching is an important practical course in many higher normal colleges and universities, which is an important way to train normal students ' teaching skills. However, there are many practical problems in the implementation of microteaching in ordinary colleges and universities in China, this paper probes into the problems in the implementation of S university microteaching through the method of questionnaire investigation, and puts forward the feasible reform suggestions on the basis of analyzing the problems.


Microteaching is a method based on modern educational theory, which uses modern educational technology to decompose teaching skills and train teachers ' and in-service teacher's teaching skills systematically. Since the beginning of the 60, and soon from the United States to the world, after nearly 30 years of research and practice, micro-teaching has formed its own independent discipline system, and has become a number of national teachers colleges in an important course of education.


In the UK, Microteaching is arranged in a four-year Bachelor of Education program, 5 hours a week, 42 weeks, and 210 hours. The University of Sydney in Australia and the University of New South Wales School of Education offer microteaching courses, 4 hours a week, 13 weeks, and 52 hours. At present, China's normal colleges and universities are usually only 14-16 weeks, 1 hours a week. The training of a variety of teaching skills, micro-teaching class is seriously inadequate, far from reaching the needs of microteaching, the role of real training in teaching skills.


The beginning of the students involved in microteaching, the beginning of the inevitable emergence of fear mood, which is always the phenomenon of every student will appear, then the guidance and encouragement of teachers is very important. The instructor and the student communicate not much, did not inspire the student's study enthusiasm and the subjective desire.


Although many teachers colleges and universities have set up a micro-teaching laboratory, the state attaches more and more importance to the education of normal students, but due to lack of attention, coupled with insufficient investment in education, many teachers colleges microteaching equipment is not complete enough to meet the requirements of normal students teaching skills training. And instruct the teacher not to pay attention to the instruction student to the equipment the operation, causes the student to the Microteaching classroom equipment the operation is not skilled.


At present, the micro-teachers in most teachers colleges are grouped according to the students ' personal preference, without analyzing each student's ability, character and so on. The comparison between the group learning and the group in the later teaching is not high.


Micro-teaching training, its implementation process is more formalistic, often concentrated arrangement of one or two of micro-teaching training to end, the name of Microteaching, and no micro-teaching practice. The reason is not to combine the basic theory of microteaching with the development of current education, nor to make suitable modifications according to the actual situation of the school. Guidance teachers usually do not use textbooks, nor do they require students to have a professional primary and secondary school textbooks, making Microteaching class is only a form, the requirements are not strict.


The evaluation of microteaching skills is lack of scientific standards, the subjectivity of evaluation is large, sometimes the omission of evaluation will appear. The role of the trainees is not in place, focusing only on the evaluation of the lecturers, and evaluating the requirements of staying in generalities and not conforming to the evaluation of microteaching skills is not conducive to improving the trainees ' teaching skills.


First of all, in-depth study of the subject nature of microteaching, the micro-teaching orientation as a required course for teachers ' education. Secondly, fully consider the need of a new round of curriculum reform, and deeply think about the classification of microteaching skills to meet the requirements of the new curriculum reform. Finally, to increase the number of teaching hours in microteaching, so that microteaching can not only enable students to master the rich theoretical knowledge, fully demonstrate teaching skills, but also have enough time to repeat their teaching skills repeatedly, make a comprehensive evaluation and constantly correct, and really play the role of microteaching.


If students have a fear mood in microteaching, teachers should communicate with students, understand them, understand them, make friends with them, teach them the experiences of good students in microteaching, and inspire students ' learning enthusiasm and subjective desire with the real stories around them. Through the staging of micro-teaching skills competition, improve the enthusiasm of students to study, through the classroom development, to guide students to explore after class to study.


To build a micro-teaching video resource library, students can watch and download the demo video of Microteaching through the campus network. The establishment of excellent video resource library and the recommendation of the video case library, students can freely choose to see. To establish a micro-teaching exchange platform, students can talk about the preparation before class, after-school experience and other free to exchange discussions.


In the teaching of "do not abandon, do not give up" of the principle of teaching, each student to learn the identity of the subject into the teaching, so that the passive teaching from the past initiative, especially for the difficult students, but also feel cordial, teachers and students are concerned about him, lagging behind is not the reason. And in microteaching, the allocation of learning groups is very important and requires that the distribution of the members of each group not only be commensurate with the number of people, but also require the competence, character and organization of the members of the group to be comparable, so as to provide comparability between the learning in the group and the evaluation of the group.


Each class is divided into 6-7 study groups, while the distribution of the group is important, but the division of labour within the group is crucial. Team leader must have strong organizational ability, appeal and responsibility, the Division of labor should be clear, and even the order of the operation of the performance should have provisions, the Group should have unity and mutual assistance, cooperative learning spirit, not selfish too heavy, but also to avoid "Shing" phenomenon, these must have a strict system to restrict students.


First of all, teachers should make scientific and specific evaluation index system, clear Evaluation Index, determine the way of evaluation, carry on scientific and reasonable evaluation. Secondly, we should strengthen the guidance of the role-player's self analysis, cultivate the students ' evaluation consciousness and good psychological quality, encourage the students to express their views, boldly reveal the problems, and create a strong discussion atmosphere to embody the essence of microteaching.


Microteaching, as the basic method to cultivate teachers ' and in-service teaching skills, has attracted more and more attention, but we should also see the problems in microteaching, strengthen the study and research of microteaching, strengthen microteaching reform, and promote the development of microteaching, So that microteaching can really play a role in teaching skills training for normal students and in-service teachers.