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Assignment代写范文:The pros and cons of social media 2019-05-21

今天论文代写机构Fanessay小编整理了一篇Assignment代写范文--The pros and cons of social media,本篇文章阐述的内容关于社交媒体的利弊。随着尖端技术的进步,社交网站(如Facebook、Twitter和微信)的日益普及,对人们的生活产生了巨大的影响。正因为如此,一些人认为这些社交媒体给个人和社会带来了很多负面影响。从我的观点来看,虽然他们有负面影响,但他们的正面影响不应被否认。


With the advances of cutting-edge technology, an increasing prevalence of social networking sites, for instance, Facebook, Twitter and WeChat, have placed huge influence on peoples life. Because of this, some people believe that these social media have brought plenty of negative influence on individuals as well as society. From my point of view, although they have negative impact, their positive influence should not be denied.


On the one hand, it is undeniable that the prevailing social networking sites negatively affect both individuals and society. As for individuals, most of them spend time in chatting with others on Facebook or other social media via phones or computers which in turn makes them hardly concentrate on their work or study; Meanwhile it rises to bad eyesight or other physical issues. In terms of society, social media have brought some frauds which make severe loss to society. This is because most social media are based on the Internet, if the cyber security is not enhanced, confidentiality of personal information cannot be guaranteed. For example, some illegal behaviors are conducted through social networking sites by stealing the account information of others to make profits. Furthermore, the extensive use of social networking may aggravate the frequency of cyber violence in virtual world. There is no doubt that the social networking has become the primary source of understanding information for people in recent. With the social networking spread, media hype is kidnapingevery reader. For instance, most of immeasurable media want to attract peoples attention, they spread misleading and fraudulent information to the public, which could exaggerate things and have an bad influence on news objective and balanced resulting in tarnishing litigants reputation.


However, on the other hand, there is no doubt that social media do play a crucial role in peoples life as well as society. With the popularity of social networking sites, communication between people can be more efficient and cost-saving, compared with previous years when someone who goes abroad cannot be contacted timely with lower cost. When it comes to society, social media have provided a platform that everyone can get involved in creating a better society because everyones behaviour is overseen by the other. This will ensure that illegal actions can be reduced to some extent. For instance, corruption of governments can be unveiled by the public via social media.


Moreover, the social networking also enhances the government social mobilization capacity and the ability of supervision of public opinion. Especially, in terms of social rescue, because the social networking as a collective action advocates and activists, with many obvious advantages: in the framework of collective action framework, it can first ensure that the agenda and the mainstream ideology at the macro level of consistency, so as to promote its smooth access to social public discourse space; Secondly, usage of the media as a public opinion guide have a consistent experience in the purification of information within the field atmosphere; by publicizing a lot of first-hand information to enhance the collective action of the authority and convincing. In the stage of mobilization of physical resources, the social networking uses the richness of their social resources to find suitable partners, from the realistic level of raising funds and feedback interests, satisfying the psychological expectations of the participants and resolving the bad psychology such as free riders in the field in order to realize a successful network rescue, such as international humanitarian aid.


In conclusion, according to the idea mentioned above, it is true that social networking sites have some drawbacks and negatively affect both individuals and society. However, their positive effects cannot be neglected.