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Assignment代写范文:About Monster Beverage Corporation 2019-06-21

下面是Fanessay整理的一篇Assignment代写范文--About Monster Beverage Corporation,本篇文章讨论的内容是关于怪兽饮料公司方面的,可以供大家了解下。对于怪兽饮料公司,是家专门生产能量饮料的龙头产业。为了击败竞争对手,怪兽饮料公司采用的竞争战略主要是通过大公司的战略合作。怪兽饮料公司现在和可口可乐合作,合作的条件便是让怪兽饮料公司去运营可口可乐的能量饮料部分。作为回报,可口可乐有用怪兽饮料公司生产的其他饮料品牌的所有权。这个局面是双赢的,因为两家公司通过共享资料与降低成本实现了协同效应。


Monster is a leading firm in the beverage industry specializing in energy drinks. Some major players in the drinks industry include Coca Cola and Pepsi, leaders for soft drinks, Red Bull and Monster for energy drinks. Other sub categories in the drinks industry include fruit juices, iced tea, coffee and etc. According to Statista, in 2015, the market share of sports and energy drinks globally is characterized by Pepsi taking 29.3%, Coca-Cola taking 17.4%, Red Bull taking 6.7%, Monster taking 5.9%, TC Pharmaceutical holding 5.5%, Otsuka taking 5.3% and the rest 29.9% belonged to other companies. From this data, we can see that apart from Coca-Cola and Pepsi, who were more comprehensive firms producing all kinds of drinks, Red Bull and Monster are the market leaders for who specialize in energy drinks.


To beat its many competitors, the competitive strategy that Monster used is primarily through strategic partnerships with bigger firms. Monster is cooperating with Coca-Cola right now and both parties agreed to have Monsters take care of the energy drink division in Coca-Cola. In return, Coca-Cola will have the ownership rights of some other soft-drink brand produced by Monster. This is a win-win situation because both firms and realize some synergies by sharing some resources and decrease costs. With Coca-Cola as a strategic partner, Monster will be more competitive in the market place.


The corporate strategy of Monsters is characterized by high dedication towards advertisement. As we all have learned in economics classes, the drinks industry is a monopolistic competition market and when the products are somewhat similar, one of the keys to success is to market your product well so that your product can stand out. According to the 2016 Annual Report of Monster, the firm spent a total of $270.6m on advertising, 38% of net income. Apart from the amount spent, Monster was also successful in putting the advertisement at the right places. They mostly target famous sports events because those who watch the sports events are the ones who are most likely to spend on energy drinks and exercise. They also target mass music festivals to attract more youngers and adolescents alike. They are flexible in their adverting strategies and when the public challenged the firm for health issues, they could change their logo and say that they are producing conventional foodsinstead of dietary supplements.


The global strategy adopted by Monsters is to grow its international presence. According to the annual report, in 2016, there are about 25% international full service bottlers/distributors as customers for Monster. The percentage of gross sales generated internationally is also 25%, a figure that grew from 23% in 2015. Monsters have business in China, India, UK, Spain, and other major countries in Europe and etc. Apart from purely selling in foreign countries, Monsters also built production plants in foreign countries to decrease their supply chain costs, take advantage of cheaper labor in some countries and etc. to boost their international business. However, Red Bull is still a leader in global strategies and is having a larger percentage of sales generated internationally. Although Red Bull is not a listed firm and no annual report is available, publicly available sources showed that Red Bull generated 35% of sales internationally a couple of years ago. As a late market entrance, Monster will need to hurry up and come up with more strategies to compete with Red Bull internationally.