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Essay代写范文:About Inner beauty and outer beauty 2019-06-21

Fanessay下面分享一篇Essay代写范文--About Inner beauty and outer beauty,本篇文章阐述的内容是关于内在美与外在美方面的,可以供同学们了解下。大家都知道,爱美是人的天性,对女人来说就更是如此了。从衣服、化妆品到整容,现代的女性更加愿意在美的方面上做投资。作为回报,外貌的改善使她们在社会生活中也占有一定的优势。有一些人认为,一个人的自信与他人的良好印象,并不是全从她的外表上发展开来的,而是来自她们内在的品质,而这也强调了内在美的重要性了。


Everyone wants to be beautiful. It is the nature of human beings to love beauty, and this is especially true for women. Methods to improve womens beauty have di-versified dramatically in recent years. From clothes and make-up, to botox, plastic surgery and breast implants, modern women are willing to do more in the pursuit of beauty. Due to the higher demand for personal pursuits nowadays, many new ways emerge to help people to achieve a better appearance. In return, the improvements in physical appearances make the social life of women much easier.


Appearance can influence peoples thinking and perspective. While communi-cating, speakersface and beauty can influence the attitude of the audience. When people watched films shot by different people with different appearances, their atti-tude varied based on the appearances (Blass, Alperstein and Block). Another study showed that people are willing to form various social expectations based on facial appearance alone(Bell, Mieth and Buchner). Peoples first impressions and memory can be influenced by appearance, especially beautiful faces.  In a fixed thinking model of the majority of people, beauty is always correlated with politeness and better com-prehensive abilities. This is the relationship between peoples perspective and peoples appearance.


Awareness of beauty has positive influences in the self as well, such as confidence. In today's life, confidence is indispensable. Personally, when I dress up I always feel more competent than I normally do, as if I could do anything perfectly. Research has showed that physically attractive workers are more confident and higher confidence increases wages(Rosenblat, Tanya, and Mobius). Moreover, good physical appear-ances can also increase sociability. From"Why Beauty Matters,there is a study that shows that people who look good are more willing talk to people and have a better ability of self-expression than others (Rosenblat, Tanya, and Mobius). based on these results, the positive effect of beauty on the self is equally important as on others.


Despite the popular pursuit for beauty and its benefits, theres an alternative point of view. some believe that one's confidence and good impression on others does not necessarily develop from the way of dresses or looks, but from their inner quali-ties. The story of Tena, who is a character from a tale from 19th century illustrates love based only on outer appearance may end in unhappiness(Fatovićferencić, Dürrigl, and Holubar). Paying too much attention on one's physical appearances while ignoring peoples inner beauty is not wise. What we should do is to focus on the soul. In addition, persons physical appearance can be reflected through inner beauty (Pi-tanguy). This opinion should be highly valued, but it only stresses on the importance of inner beauty in the long term. Physical beauty remains the key to a good first impression and the most direct way to judge a person.


In conclusion, good physical appearances can generate positive impressions of the others, and boost personal confidence at the same time. Beauty can be external, internal, or both. While inner beauty is not visible sometimes but is everlasting, phys-ical beauty is gaining importance, especially for women. Despite the popular saying that You shouldnt judge a book by the cover, the cover is still there to be judged, and a better cover has become a crucial factor for personal success in the modern so-ciety. Thus, a better life will become more achievable, if one possesses both inner and physical beauty.


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