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Essay代写范文:About the Boys Don't Cry 2019-07-18

今天Fanessay分享一篇Essay代写范文--About the Boys Don't Cry,本篇文章内容讨论的内容是关于电影《男孩别哭》,可以供大家了解下。在《男孩别哭》里,影片冷静地向观众们讲述了现代社会女性的困境,传达了激进女权主义的价值取向:对抗与颠覆了男性主导的话语。在影片中,主人公布兰登对社会的性别不平等是有着清晰的认识,她通过一种非传统的方式积极寻求和男性的性别平等。她选择了欺骗自己和男性的生理差异,让观众意识到女性对社会地位的自觉追求,还有对男性话语的对抗,一直都没有放弃。这意味着女性在一步步地把自己的权利带回社会,寻求了真正的女性自由。


At the beginning of the film industry, female images on the screen basically existed as male subordinates, without independent personality. It was not until the 1970s that with the rise of the feminist movement, the image of a full-fledged female image began to emerge. Since the 1990s, movies such as Boys Don't Cry have emerged to awaken women and begin to confront male hegemony works. The film Boys Don't Cry not only calmly told the audience about the predicament of women living in modern society, but also conveyed the value orientation of radical feminism: confrontation and subversion of the male-dominant discourse.


The film's protagonist, Brandon, had a clear understanding of the gender inequality in society, so he actively sought gender equality with men through an unconventional way. He chose to deceive the physiological difference between himself and the men, and it made the audience realize the female's conscious pursuit of social status, and confrontation against male discourse. And after John and Tom abused him and suppressed his rebellion against male domination, Brandon did not give up. Through Brandons death, the film becomes a declaration: Women are taking back their own rights to the society step by step, seeking true female freedom.


Brandon's disguise of male behavior aroused the strong aversion of former male companions. In the social and cultural atmosphere of patriarchal system, men are oppressive classes, shaping women according to their expectations, and having authority that cannot be challenged. Therefore, Brandons struggle was regarded as a severe challenge to male authority and made them extremely angry. Men were afraid of women's evolving self-awareness, and such fear manifested in the form of violence. With fighters like Brandon and Lana, gender inequality and the subversion of single-gender dominance would eventually terminate. Perhaps this is also the expectation of female director Kimberly Peirce at the end of the film.