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Essay代写范文:About Aboriginal Australian visual culture 2019-07-30

今天Fanessay整理了一篇Essay代写范文--About Aboriginal Australian visual culture,本篇文章讨论的内容是关于澳洲原居住民视觉文化方面的,可以供大家了解下。视觉文化指的是一系列的视觉图像传达的信息,通过绘画等视觉技术意义与情感。在古代,视觉文化更多是关于绘画与雕刻。澳洲原住民视觉文化的一系列影像是记录了他们日常生活、环境变迁与他们宗教信仰。通过视觉文化,还可以更好地了解他们生活中的变化。


I think that aboriginal Australian visual culture is a range of cultural images created by aboriginal Australian to record their daily life, the change of their environment and their religion named dreamtime. Rock art is an important part of their visual culture. There are different kinds of rock imagery for different cultural expression, such as X-ray imagery and bark imagery. The X-ray art is a form of painting with anatomical features (Patel, 35), which shows the aboriginal Australiansinterest in science. Visual culture is also a direct reflection of new changes in aboriginal Australianslife. For example, contact rock art records their contact with the outside world.  New objects like ships and knives were painted on rocks when the natives had contact with the new arrivals. Through the rock art, we can have a better understanding of the changes in their lives.


Visual culture in general refers to a series of visual images conveying information, meaning and emotion through various visual technologies such as paintings (Mirzoeff, 3). Visual culture in the ancient times is more about paintings and engravings, while in the modern times, visual culture has new forms like television and movies.




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Comment on Alissa B Essign


Excellent work! I like your writing about the origin and of aboriginal Australian visual culture the role of visual culture in their daily life. I totally agree with you that visual culture reflects aboriginal Australianslife and their beliefs. The visual art they create is based on what they feel and what they believe.