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Assignment代写范文:The Theatrical performance 2019-07-31

Fanessay整理了一篇Assignment代写范文--The Theatrical performance,本篇文章讨论的内容是关于戏剧表演,可以供大家了解下。在戏剧表演里,不管是演员的演技有多好,没有充分利用道具的作用的话,他们就会觉得自己有点单薄,无法拓展表演空间。在戏剧《女继承人》里,帕默生动地刻画了凯瑟琳的角色。道具的存在于使用对表演者是很重要的。从凯瑟琳手里的茶匙场景看来,这个任务的外观与性格就更真实。由于道具的使用和凯瑟琳惊恐的表情,颤抖的双手刻画了人物。舞台的空间与场景的感觉是充满立体感与层次感,艺术语言将其变得更生动。道具把演员、时间与空间荣威一体,强化了表演的氛围,让观众与其产生共鸣。


The Heiress is a good drama that directed by Ruth and Augustus Goetz. It is a strong and powerful drama that full of tension. And a drama full of personality and vitality can really attract audiences. In this drama, what impressed me most is the character Catherine Sloper, who is the daughter of Dr. Austin Sloper. Jennifer Christa Palmer plays the role well in the play. In playing this role, he is a character endowed with life and features. I was full of admiration for his performance. In my opinion, an actor should fully demonstrate the charm of the role when performing, first of all, he should learn to understand the real life. Only when the actors have a full understanding of the script, combined with their life perception, can they reveal their true feelings in the work, and that is the charm of the character.


The actor's words are the creation of the playwright, but in the actor's expression of true feelings, his lines certainly lifelike. I think the actor's active intention is to be able to flexibly and vividly showing the character art. At his first meeting with Catherine, Morris was asked by his aunt, Lavinia, about his impressions of the American girls. In this scene, Catherine's flustered expression and she backed away onto dismay and accidental dropping of the teaspoon reveal the characteristics of Catherine's social deficiencies, which also makes Morris realize that Catherine is easy to take the bait at first glance. In order to shape Cathrine's lack of interpersonal experience and personality traits, the actor's flustered look is fantastic and smart in the play. In the scene where Cathrine wants to elope with Morris, after Morris carries her off in a hurry, Cathrine is waiting for Morris to arrive late. Cathrine was able to control her emotions at first, but in the end she was so sad that she huddled up and cried out: there must be someone that loves me, there must be someone who wants me! Cathrine's despairing screams, curled up in a helpless body to make the audience feel sympathetic. Imagine the scene in which Catherine is hit by Morris at the end. If she doesn't curl up with her body when she is helpless but just stand and cry, it doesn't show how much love frustration hits Catherine. Therefore, body movements are an important pillar of the character. Her character and behavior from the start paves the way for Morris's abandoned desperation.


In a theatrical performance, no matter how better the actor's acting ability is, if they do not make full use of the role of props, they will feel that they are a little thin, unable to fully expand the performance space. Palmer vividly portrays Katherine's character. Therefore, the existence and use of props is very important for performers. Judging by the scene of the teaspoon in Katherine's hand, the look and character of the task is also more real. Due to the use of props, as well as Catherine's expression of panic, the trembling hands depict the characters. The sense of stage space and scene will be full of three-dimensional and hierarchical sense, and the language of art will become more vivid. Props integrate actors with time and space, strengthen the atmosphere of the performance and make the audience resonate. It naturally brings the audience into the artistic conception to be presented in the play, and creates the true faith very well. Catherinewho is a woman with a gruff voice and dares to love and hate. Katherine's voice choice is vary along the emotional lines, from tenderness and shyness, to the anger of her father, to the despairing screams of being abandoned by Morris. Her physical choice was also highlighted along the emotional line. Her quarrels with her father and her rejection in face of Morris' confession showed the woman's confidence and helplessness. I also have a deeper understanding of Catherine through the drama. I saw the image of her cowardice and helplessness, and the longing for love.


In my opinion, the detailed performance of the actors in the drama is very important to the whole drama. For example, the use of props, the expression of the actor, the actor's body movements and expressions are very important. These are fascinating details. Palmer is very effective throughout the role. From the beginning to the end of the drama, Palmer's eyes and actions can play up the atmosphere of the drama. She connected the main lines of the drama, and even her slight sigh in the drama could show the sadness of the characters and the image of another character. The quality of an actor's effectiveness is demonstrated to his work through his abilities and talents. Factors that are very important to effective shaping include the flexibility and plasticity of the actors' appearance, form and body movements, the timbre and tone of voice, the articulation of speech, the understanding, imagination, sensitivity and expression of the actors' creation imagination, as well as the characters, temperament and charm of the actors themselves.


All in all, Palmer brings Katherine's character to life. Palmer pays attention to the presentation of details, and her emotions are delicate and beautiful. What tests the actor's skill is that the actor can flexibly show the charm of the characters of different scenes, while Palmer is able to express himself from the heartache of the confession to the despair of losing love. An actor becomes three-dimensional if he or she is constantly aware of a coherent set of details. The script itself is a success, so that when the actors are fully performing, the drama can become charming in the face of the charm of the characters.