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Assignment代写范文:The film and television music 2019-09-25

Fanessay整理了一篇Assignment代写范文--The film and television music,本篇文章讲述的内容是关于影视音乐方面的,可以供大家了解下。电影是门视听艺术,在20世纪20年代的时候,随着有声电影时代的开始与影视技术的进步,音乐慢慢成为了影视艺术的重要组成元素。音乐和影视的关系不再是松散的联盟,是共同实现艺术形式的整体表现力,这个和单纯的音乐形式不一样的是,影视作品的影视音乐既定的艺术效果是不可能通过单纯音乐形式的自我表现方式去独立实现的,是必须要通过和影视艺术整体的协调性才可以实现,这就是影视音乐的协调性了。


In outstanding film and television drama, music can always bring us a recurring refreshed and unexpected surprise. Film and television music is gradually with the development of movie and TV arts development and mature of an art form. How to make the film and television works of music should be fully embody the overall artistic conception. So that they can for the film and television play grace, rather than the gild the lily. The following will be some discussion from the aspects of coordination of film and television music.


Film is an audio-visual art, in the 1920 s, with the beginning of the era of sound film and film and television technology, music has gradually become the important elements of film and television art. The relationship between music and film and television is no longer a loose alliance, performance direction is no longer a "road", but organically mix with other elements of film and television art as an artistic whole, to jointly implement the art form of expression as a whole. Unlike pure form of music, in the film and television works. Artistic effects of film and television music established generally can't through the pure music form the sort of "self-expression" way to independently. And must be coordinated with movie and TV arts as a whole to achieve. This is the film and television music coordination.


In the film and television this kind of comprehensive art, film and television music harmony embodied in the form first, including two aspects: one is coordinated with images in the film and television works. That is, with visual communion. The effect of pictures and texts, in order to achieve perfect harmony: second, and other sound in the film and television works, including the characters' language, and coordinate related acoustics, namely of coordination with auditory integration in order to achieve harmony, like nature itself. All kinds of styles of film and television music, including vocal music and instrumental music, music in a painting, and music, theme music songs, themes and the episode. And scene music and background music, etc., should be through this kind of coordination with images, characters and language and sound, to serve the film and television works depiction of the characters, the plot of the story show, themes and the expression of thoughts and feelings, to achieve the overall performance of film and television art.


Such as the film "sweet honey" was named after Teresa teng's songs and this song is music clues throughout. Film songs as a solid reason leading clue, endowed with meaning of interpretation and the foil atmosphere, is a complex and subtle implicit lose. The film's theme song, and in the picture and sound coordination process perfectly. Hero become warped and lee Li Xiaojun partnership selling tapes of Teresa teng, but at the time of the Hong Kong no one is willing to admit their favourite songs of Teresa teng. Because it means that he is the mainland people. As a result the business "soaked" in the wind and rain. The two men tried to sell, the more rain, the greater the sound of the film but by mixed voice to keep only the song of Teresa teng, coming from a tape, the volume is more and more big, beautiful melody with a touch of sorrow. Music and pictures of clever match, make other sounds in the desalination is exquisite. And the actual situation of artistic conception beauty. Songs in the film "sweet honey" first light, is sung lee sat in Lebanon's bicycle. Songs accompanied by the rhythm. Lee's legs swing back and forth, "music and pictures within the range of movement and rhythm is symmetrical". This is a visual rhythm and sound rhythm between a simple and clear. To render a subtle emotional atmosphere, light sweet. Similarly, li sing by tired when lee massage. His fingers slowly beat in harmony with the rhythm of music, and express the emotion loving mood - heavy. Until the end, li met in the shop window, by walking the streets in four eyes, "the moon represents my heart" to "sweet". Song to lyrical long melody and rhythm of lens alignment to cooperate, create a warm and romantic emotional appeal. After the film succeed, almost a love story a song popular again, perhaps it is not surprising.


Thus it can be seen in the film and television works, film and television music left this coordination, film and television music cannot achieve its performance function for the film and television art, and even lose exist in the film and television art. Chinese and foreign many successful film and television works, including music and picture situation, the combination of music and language and characters sound, is a harmonious and perfect, thus greatly enhance the expressiveness of works.


So-called coordination in the content, is mainly refers to the film and television music should be subject to different types and different styles of film and television works specific theme, content, emotion, life scenes or characters, plot, and the need of the performance of the scene atmosphere, and the organic combination with them. Thus in the content presents some emotional coordination. This harmony embodied in the creation of film and television music, film and television music performances and appreciation of film and television music such as the links.


The first step of music creation is a music activity. But on the writing requirement. The film and television music are different from general music. The creation of the general music composer can according to their own understanding of life and feelings. More free to make artistic creation and emotional expression. And film and television music creation is first of all need to be accurate in-depth understanding of the film and television works on the basis of the specific content and emotion, it is under the overall artistic conception of film and television works, the better performance of the film and television works and emotions, to better enhance the content of the artistic expression of film and television works, for music conception and creation. Film and television music creation must be subject to specific performance of film and television work content and the emotional, this is bound to make the film and television music presents the content of coordination. Composer GuJianFen, for example, in her "mother's kiss," and so on many outstanding lyric songs, she can according to their own ideas. To express their life: and when she is TV series to create the opening song, until the end of the romance of three kingdoms songs and episode, she is in repeatedly read the original, deeply understand the plot. And on the basis of fully grasp the work ethos, mobilize to create your own life feelings. And the music is successful, the first is that they put the work of the specific content and emotional accurate in-depth and comfortable. For a Taiwan pop music the main producer of Johnny, three films produced a film music. All three films got the golden horse awards. When he said of the film music creation, once said: "the soundtrack would help me thinking into the specific situation." What he said is on the film and television music creation of coordination.


As with general music, film and television music - playing or singing, of course, inseparable from the performance. Unlike general music, film and television music performance must still be coordinated with the content of the film and television works specific emotions. Famous singer Yang Hongji and famous singer Amy, for example, they show the romance of The Three Kingdoms singing songs first song "rolling Yangtze river east a mill" and end the history of the sky. What kind of vigorous and deep. What kind of desolate and tragic. All specific content and emotion in the work has been further summarized and protruding. Like music creation, music performance requirements does not mean that the content on the coordination, is unlikely to mean limit composer and singer's personality style: on the contrary, the artists of individual character style it is in this kind of coordination requirements can be more fully.


The film and television music must revolve around the theme of the film and television works specific thought, content, emotion and scene atmosphere. On the form and content and coordination, can greatly enhance the work of artistic expression.