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Essay范文:About music on film 2019-11-22

今天paper代写机构Fanessay小编整理了一篇essay范文--About music on film,本篇文章讲述的内容是关于音乐对电影的作用方面的,可以供大家了解下。一部好的电影,是需要有精彩的故事情节和优秀的演员,还要的就是有好的音乐来配。一首好的电影音乐,是可以突出电影主题的作用,也可以表现人物内心情感的作用。在电影中,可以运用电影音乐,不仅是可以突出电影主题,还可以表现人物的内心的情感。

The sound in the movie mainly includes three parts, namely language, sound and music. Among them, music occupies a very important position in the film, which is an essential element to constitute an excellent film work. The film music can not only make the picture and plot in the film more vivid, but also help to shape the image of the film more rounded, more can help the film to get sublimated. Therefore, the film music is an essential element to constitute an excellent film work.


Music refers to a kind of art that consists of the harmony of melody, rhythm or harmony of human voice or musical instrument. It is not only an artistic language to express or express people's feelings, but also a pleasant sound. The film music refers to a special music form associated with visual images. Simply put, film music refers to music created for film, which is a very important part of film works.


The film music generally includes the following five parts, namely the opening music. Opening Song refers to the Opening of a film called music. The opening music serves as a prologue and is mainly used to make a strong first impression on viewers. Also, the title music is sometimes used as the theme song in the movie. ThemeSong, which refers to the music that expresses the theme, basic emotions and main characters, is an important part of music. In addition, the mood and content of the lyrics of music, the theme of the film, are highly general. In the film, it can not only highlight the theme and make the finishing point, but also make the film more expressive and infectious. It is the soul of a film. Generally speaking, a movie has only one theme song, and this music will often appear repeatedly in certain scenes. Background music is a kind of music used to adjust the atmosphere in a movie. Background music production is generally in vocal music, Musical Instruments, electronic music or orchestra production. Film episode refers to the songs that do not play the role of the theme song in a movie, but are associated with a certain episode of the plot. Moreover, interludes not only add rhythm to the film, but also add fuel to the plot. Ending song may also be called the Ending song, which plays the role of guiding viewers to recall and express emotions. At the same time, the last song in the movie in the process of play will also said some information, such as the star, director, producer, planning, art director, executive director, producer, executive producer, producer of life, outreach producer, executive vice director, actors, deputy director, screenwriter, photography, editing, lighting, continuity girl, fine arts, props, modelling, clothing, cosmetics, films, music instruction, voice guidance, dimmer, movie soundtracks, and special thanks to the message.


In addition to a good story, good actors and good directors, a good film also needs to have a good music to match. A good film music can not only play a role in highlighting the theme of the film, but also play a role in expressing the inner feelings of the characters. The following is a detailed analysis of the role played by music in the film.


Film theme refers to the connotation of action and characters, and the extension of plot and events. To put it simply, the film theme is to use a plot to illustrate the central idea of the film. The use of music in the film can play a prominent role in the film theme. As the film music is different from the general music, its creation and conception must reflect the main content and central idea of the film, and express the connotation of the film works. Music, in particular, has the function of expressing the theme of films and promoting the development of film plots. Therefore, the use of music in the film can play a prominent role in the film theme. For example: "love of my life" is the closing song of chow's classic movie "a Chinese Odyssey to the west". The song "love of my life" both the artistic conception expressed by the lyrics and the melody of the lyrics highlight the theme of the film "dahua westward journey of the great sage married", the helpless feeling of love but not together, the pain of being played by fate.


The proper use of music in the film can play a role in the expression of characters' inner feelings. Because music is a kind of art that is good at expressing and arousing emotions, it has the function of expressing characters' emotions. Therefore, the application of music in the film can play a role in expressing the inner feelings of the characters. Case in point: the song from the closing credits of the movie "nobody", released on November 16, 2018. The songs in the opening to the atmosphere, the magnificent causeway as bedding, from far and near empty the sound of the trumpet, conjured the infinite heroic and sadness Wang Su Long deep graceful singing as calm river into the sea, progressive transformation of the emotions associated with melody splashing rings, a lofty roar, release "nobodies" deep in the heart of depressive emotion. At the same time, through the lyrics of this song and very emotional voice burst completely the little people in the heart of the living situation and struggle for dignity and vent out. In particular, the last line of the chorus, "what are broken bones?", reveals the emotions piled up in the heart and reveals the inner feelings of the characters in the film incisively and vividly. From the above examples, we can see that music can play a role in expressing characters' inner emotions in the film.