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Paper代写范文:The children's concentration 2019-11-27

今天Fanessay整理了一篇paper代写范文--The children's concentration,本篇文章讲述的内容是关于小孩的专注力方面的,可以供大家了解下。专注力是所有能力的基础,是孩子们需要培养的品格,是项很重要好的心理素质。对于小孩子来说,嘈杂的环境是不利于小孩专注力的培养,因为小孩子的专注力是容易被新鲜与多变的刺激物所吸引。所以,玩玩具的时候,家长不要给小孩一堆新的各式各样的玩具,尽量让小孩玩同个玩具长点的时间,以防多余的刺激物分散了小孩的注意力,这样也有助于培养小孩子的专注力。


Focus is the foundation of all abilities, is a very important psychological quality, the training of children's attention is very important. As a kindergarten teacher, we should cultivate the attention of children from many aspects, so as to concentrate more and lay a foundation for future study.


Focus is the foundation of all abilities, is a child needs to cultivate a character, is a very important psychological quality, focus is a person to learn and work can be successful key to his life is crucial. The focus of childhood training is undoubtedly the most important. How to cultivate children's focus, I think from the following aspects:


For young children, noisy, disturbing environment is not conducive to the cultivation of children's attention, the focus of the child is unintentional attention to the dominant, intentional attention is the initial formation, the child's focus is easy to be fresh, changeable stimuli attracted. Therefore, when playing with toys, parents do not give children a large pile of new and various toys, as far as possible to allow children to play with the same toys for a longer time, to prevent the superfluous stimulus to disperse the attention of children, which helps children focus on the cultivation of power.


Clean and quiet environment can make children learn at ease and avoid interference. such as in the park, the activity room items should be ordered, wall layout to meet the children's learning life. At home, children focus on doing something, the family do not disturb, should be in the end, and then ask, don't walk around. When watching TV, do not speak loudly or laugh, should be quiet to see. Eliminate all the factors that may distract the child's focus, provide a quiet environment for children, focus on their own affairs, and promote the cultivation of children's focus.


Interest is the best teacher, but also to create and maintain the main conditions of concentration, people in doing their own things of interest, will always be very devoted to, and so are children. Cultivate the interest of young children should be induced by the way to stimulate the child's literacy interest, you can use children like to eat fruit characteristics, for the children to buy some word hint fruit picture book, let the child listen to read a book, and tell the child these delicious fruit name and text, cause the child to read the interest, and then recognize some simple words, so that the child's focus on the fun of literacy activities in the training. If one time, in order to let the children know the word "apple", I deliberately prepared a few big and red apples, but also to find a picture of Apple. The children in my class like to eat apples best. A look at my table placed an attractive apple, eyes bright, so I grabbed the opportunity to lift the picture and said: "The small baby today want to eat apples, must first know these two words, next see also want to greet it, OK?" The children said in unison, "good". I take the opportunity to teach the words of the card to children, then said: "In the future, want to eat apples, the teacher to let the children in the card on the word ' apple ' to find out, the teacher to you oh." "In the same way, young children know the" banana "," pear "," strawberry "," watermelon "and many other words, in many cards can quickly distinguish out, to achieve the desired goal.


Let the child do only one thing at a time. In particular, the child's focus on the development process, while doing many things, will damage the effectiveness of the focus, therefore, the child's task to be single, appropriate, reasonable, the goal should be clear. If the target is not clear, the child will not understand what to do. To give young children clear goals, to stimulate their focus. When carrying out various activities, the goals should be clear and specific, so that children can understand. such as washing hands, I put the "clean hands," the goal to change to "palm hand rub a rub, hands ya fingers rub". During the game, I changed the "attention to safety" goal to "queue, keep order." In the mathematics activity, I put "the earnest writing" The goal to "2" The Duckling Stand Straight, "3" small ear attention. In this way, young children can understand, but also to achieve the goal smoothly.


It can be seen that the clear goal plays an important role in the kindergarten day activity, the goal is clear, the use is proper, conduce to the child's attention ability training.


Some children do not want to pay efforts, parents and teachers may use praise of the expression and action to stimulate the excitement of young children and enthusiasm, gradually the child will be attracted to the scene, unconsciously to be brought to the attention of children will also be enhanced. When a child has done a good deed, a little progress, a compliment, a child will be very happy, and he will work harder, because he wants to continue to be praised.


For example, once, my class of small children, always love to trouble, push this, kick that, a while lost the child's book, and then move the small chair, always restless. One day, listening to the story, he listened very attentively, I will promptly praised him: "Today, little super children the best, listening to the story is very attentive, we boast of him." "Little super very happy, since then, he slowly progress."


As the saying goes: "A good child is a boast." Therefore, we should give praise in time to make the children progress in the praise. Also such as: in the study of "2" of the writing, my class Khao children to "2" written "N", I saw after said: "Khao children wrote ' 2 ' ducklings to sleep, let it up we learn to write ' 2 '." Khao smiled, seriously put "2" written right. I praised him: "You see, this is the most beautiful writing." "A teacher's smile, praise, every random action, will make children happy, and thus focus on learning." Praise in the child's attention to the ability to be unconsciously trained.


There are many ways to cultivate children's focus, and parents and teachers should adopt appropriate methods to cultivate children's concentration and focus. A person can succeed at this goal only if he is focused on one goal. If you focus on something, even if it is small, just try to do it well. Focus will bring an unusual harvest to the child's life.