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Essay范文:About Haydn piano sonata 2019-12-18

Fanessay整理了一篇essay范文--About Haydn piano sonata,本篇文章叙述的内容是关于海顿钢琴奏鸣曲,可以供学钢琴的小伙伴了解下。在早期的海顿钢琴奏鸣曲发展时期,是出于古典主义发展时期的,巴洛克也逐渐朝着古典主义的方向发展。海顿音乐创作时期便是古典主义发展时期。而随着时间的推移,听众便丧失了对宏伟壮观音乐风格的关注了,与现实生活相关并且具有自然性和风趣性的音乐风格成为了潮流,也备受听众们的喜欢。这种类型的音乐与传统音乐不同,是相对平衡又朝向简洁发展的,这也对维也纳时期的音乐发展有着重要的影响。



Haydn compared with other musicians, composers, has significant innovation consciousness and creative spirit, take, for instance, piano sonata both development of piano and string performance reflects the excellent creativity and imagination, innovation and development has a positive meaning of music, so to explore Haydn and key points for playing piano sonata style is particularly important.


Haydn piano sonata in the early period of the development of classicism, baroque gradually towards the direction of classicism. Combined with the development history of music, the baroque period is concentrated from 1600 to 1750, which is the period between the birth of opera and Bach's death. The music works in this period are collectively called baroque music. Compared with other music, baroque music is highly active and pays attention to emotional expression, which is compared with drama, and pays more attention to decorative features in detail processing. During this period, instrumental music was generally valued and developed rapidly. Music style was no longer confined to polyphony style, but increasingly oriented to main style. Music style was no longer confined to ecclesiastical style, but gradually developed towards minor style.


In the classical period, music was concentrated in the 18th and 19th centuries. Music in this period was mainly composed of the pre-classical period and the classical period of Vienna, and the representative composers mainly involved Haydn, Beethoven and so on. Music from the feature level, this period advocate concise, emphasis on morality, and the rapid development of instrumental music, pay attention to advocate tone music and music in big minor, including big minor system not only has the perfect harmony of the function, and the music melody structure and age requirements, both sound and strength or speed are not constrained by the inherent form, and largely enhance the trend make attractive and normative. Haydn music creation is the development of the classical period, baroque towards classicism gradually, over time, the audience is magnificent music style increasingly attention and interest, related to the real life and has a natural and funny music style gradually become a trend, like and welcome by the audience. Different from traditional music, music of this kind is relatively balanced and develops towards simplicity, which has a crucial influence on the development of music in Vienna. Throughout his works, it is not difficult to find that some changes, the early works of music also has certain baroque music style characteristics, with practice, the main purpose of this work is to help students learn and practice, it is undeniable that the some work with classical music in baroque music style between plays a key influence on the transformation of the development.


Baroque music gradually transits to classical music style period, universal music style focuses on rococo, gorgeous, emotional music style, and these music styles are more popular with the audience, Haydn piano sonata creation is in this period, so the piano sonata style also focuses on the above concentrated style. First of all, the rococo style, which is closely associated with elegance, refers to the French style from 1701 to 1800, involving the clavichord music. Influenced by various factors, rococo style music has not developed into a genre although it is widely popular and widely used. Secondly, in terms of luxuriant style, luxuriant style is closely related to rococo style. Rococo style is the foundation of luxuriant style to some extent. The creation method is relatively unique, and music style is relatively light, showing certain aristocratic temperament and exquisite style. Different from the baroque style, the baroque style is relatively serious and works of gorgeous style play an active role and significance in the formation and development of sonata forms. Haydn's piano sonata creation is no exception, showing a certain gorgeous style. Finally, in terms of emotional style, emotional style is also called passion style, which is a movement of emotional expression of artistic works. Compared with gorgeous style, emotional style is full of certain passion, which attaches importance to external decoration as well as internal emotion.


Piano works are the main types of music. Each piano work has a unique playing style, which is not limited to the inherent style. Haydn is a famous musician and composer, who has made great contributions to the creation of Vienna classical music. Haydn's piano sonata points to grasp the needs from various angles, this paper learn Haydn the occasion of the creation background, at the same time grasp the way of playing, playing techniques, show adequately work emotion, Haydn's piano sonata style, should know work station in the macroscopic Angle, the micro Angle to understand style, playing full describe piano sonata by Haydn. Based on Haydn piano sonata performance to understand the following points:


Haydn's works are full of remarkable elegance, cheerful rhythm and moving tone, which are very impressive. Compared with other music works, Haydn's works have certain particularity. In the process of playing Haydn piano sonata, the performer should first correct his attitude and respect the characteristics of the work. Secondly, it is necessary to grasp the key touch requirements of the works, such as jumping, passing sound, etc., to do a good job in sound performance, to reflect the sound of clear brittleness; Finally, it is necessary to master the connotation of the works and perform the piano sonata emotionally. In addition, physical stiffness should be avoided in specific performance, especially the arm, which is in a relaxed state and can be played flexibly with fingers and wrists, so as to better improve the performance effect and make music full of power and sound coherent and pleasant. For the performance of songlike music, it is necessary to strengthen the flexible coordination between shoulder, hand and bi, to be in a completely relaxed state, with flexible touch of fingers, so as to ensure the continuous and powerful sound played. Among them, there are unique characteristics of skip sound group, so it is necessary to concentrate and play quickly.


In the process of Haydn's piano sonata performance, the application of pedals is an important point that cannot be ignored. This work has a unique form, involving the clavichord music. Compared with modern pianos, clavichord does not have pedals, and the works it plays have significant classical features. Music works with classical features, which are played by modern pedals, face great difficulties and are difficult to realize. In order to better display the piano sonata style, players need to fully understand and grasp the application of pedal on the basis of reasonable application of pedal, that is, the application of pedal to display the unique sound effect of the piano sonata. From a practical level, the modern piano pedal mainly refers to the right pedal application in which the primary works of timbre, improve work play charm, attract more audience, Haydn's piano sonata is not exceptional also, right pedal function the same focused on rich tone, improve work performance effect, avoid dry voice problems appeared in the process of playing. Different from other piano works, Haydn piano sonata should be performed in a scientific and clear manner, avoiding confusion between the two, giving full play to the active role of syntax and playing, and ensuring the clarity of texture and line. It should be noted that although pedal application is conducive to improving performance, it does not mean that frequent application of pedal, especially in the face of broken chord melody, should reduce pedal application, frequent application of pedal will be counterproductive, affecting the overall performance effect. The application of modern piano to perform Haydn piano sonata requires the use of rhythm pedal supplemented by half pedal, the combination of the two can better display the style of the work.


Haydn piano sonata belongs to classical music, which is relatively unique in both melody singing and expression. From the perspective of melody singing, it is not limited by rhythm. From the perspective of expression, it reflects a certain naturalness, which is similar to folk songs. To some extent, it breaks the limitation of the influence of fixed genre, and is full of charm and popular with audiences. In the performance of Haydn piano sonata, it is necessary to pay attention to the key point of playing rhythm. On the one hand, it emphasizes the playing intensity, which is generally in p-f, and the volume can be divided into different sizes, with the maximum equal to mf and the minimum equal to PPP. Second, considering various aspects influence factors, grace note, leap is the main factors influencing the piano sonata by Haydn play, this work has certain baroque music style, grace note focuses on echo, vibrato and appoggiatura, need for music performance in the form of the fingertips slide, arm its strength is limited, or there is no need to use arm strength. Among them, music performance of aion is mainly manifested as retention sound, the echo starts from the brand, and trill is conducive to promoting the formation and development of Boeing and echo, which shows the importance of these grace notes, especially the positive role they play in the playing process.


The performance of Haydn piano sonata is a gradual process and should not be completed in a hurry. Combined with the actual, Haydn piano sonata no rhythm and speed to follow, mainly because Haydn not tag corresponding rhythm and speed in his works, but can be better follow certain rhythm and speed on the piano sonata, show works of glamour, so need expression found and summarized from the works play rhythm and speed. It is usually a beat of four notes, focusing on 120-126, which is not fixed, but needs to be adjusted and improved according to the actual situation. For example, adagio should focus on 48-50. To sum up, paying attention to playing speed and paying attention to priority is one of the main points of Haydn's piano sonata, which should be paid attention to.


To sum up, Haydn piano sonata is an excellent piano work that shows Haydn's rich imagination and excellent creativity, which occupies an important position in piano works and plays an important contribution to the spiritual wealth. In terms of music's achievements, harmony design has broken the traditional limitation, rhythm has been integrated with fresh elements, and the performance content is rich and colorful. It is of extremely important practical significance to analyze Haydn's piano sonata style and performance points, which can promote the understanding of piano sonata and improve the performance effect of piano.