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Assignment范文:The flim music 2020-02-25

今天Fanessay整理了一篇assignment范文--The flim music,本篇文章讲述的内容是关于电影音乐方面的,可以供大家了解下。电影音乐的诞生是为了能够更好地表达剧里的人物的性格或者是说可以更好地烘托电影里的气氛,这个就是电影艺术和音乐艺术的结合,视觉艺术和听觉艺术的结合,这也让电影可以更加完美地展现在人们面前。所以电影音乐就是成为了电影里一个重要的组成部分。电影音乐成为电影艺术的组成部分,组成音乐的基本要素是不受到影响的。音乐家创造音乐的构思、结构和形象都受到了电影的构思、任务形象、整体的画面与影片结构的影响,电影音乐也一定和电影的内容,创作的文化背景相结合,这些放映的条件和观看的人群语言方面的问题是相匹配的。


Film music is music that is added to a film to enhance the effect. It is a combination of two completely different arts. It is an important part of the art of film, it exists to better show the content of the film, is a very important form of expression of the art of film. Film music can make the audience more easily accept the film, it and the film plot has a thousand ties, and has a huge role in promoting the development of the story.


The combination of the development of film art and music art is the inevitable trend of the development of film art. Film music can be classified according to different ways of integration, which is closely related to the film and television content of film art.


Film music cannot be said to be divorced from its essence just because it is integrated into the film. Regardless of the elements of music, its creation is still the same as that of many musical works. However, in order to create film music, it is necessary to combine the music with the film, and then the music should be made around the theme of the film. The music presents the theme of the film, which makes the whole play more colorful and enables the audience to have more reverie, thus making the film art more perfect and sublimating the whole plot.


Film music, as the name implies, is a kind of music added by the author in order to better express the characters' personalities or better foil the atmosphere in the film. The combination of film art and music art, visual art and auditory art, makes the film more perfect in front of people. Therefore, film music has become an important part of the film. Even if film music becomes a part of film art, the basic elements that make up the music are not affected, such as melody, rhythm, harmony, strength, speed, tonality, form, texture and so on. However, the conception, image and structure of the music created by a musician must be influenced by the conception, character image, film structure and overall picture of the film. The film music must match the content of the film, the cultural background of the creation, the conditions of the screening, and the language problems of the audience. In the popular point, in fact, film music is in the film music, just to foil a better movie effect. Adding the right music to the right scenes and adding some color to the characters in the play will make the whole plot more complete and make the whole movie more perfect and incomparable. Film art is a comprehensive art, which integrates music, fine arts, drama and literature into one. It also has auditory, visual, time, space and other artistic characteristics. Therefore, film music has become an inevitable product on the development path of film art.


According to the role in the film, the film music can be divided into three categories: theme song, theme song and interlude.


Every movie has a theme song that matches it. The theme song of the movie is a simple song, it has no actual meaning of the lyrics, but throughout the play, it is the core part of the music of the movie, is also the main music of the movie. The theme song has no clear lyrics, which leaves more room for imagination. For example, the well-known movie "the butterfly lovers", in which the ingenious use of the symphony "the butterfly lovers" makes the plot further develop smoothly. Every use of the theme song in the movie pushes the plot forward.


The movie theme song is the vein of the whole movie, and what it has in common with the theme song is that it runs through the whole play. Movie theme songs can also play a general role in the story of the entire movie, it is based on the style of the movie and the movie character and image to tailor.


An interlude is a form of film music in which the filmmaker inserts music according to the needs of the plot in a certain scene. The theme song and theme song of the film run through the whole play, showing the whole, while the interlude shows the part, which is the embellishment of part of the film. The movie interlude has no effect on other plots other than this one. Its function is to add a certain part or a certain plot. Due to the need of the plot, we need to insert some new music to render, but its addition can better improve the whole movie. Just like the grace note we put on a certain note in a musical work, we wish to be a small decoration on the perfect work. Like "my motherland" in the movie "shanggan ling," its mission is to capture the patriotism of the volunteers. Interludes punctuate the film to enhance the effect of the plot.


The depict of characters in the movie is through the ups and downs of the plot and the conflict of layers, and the connection between the story and the feelings of ascension, foil atmosphere, and the plot moving is done through the film music, so the film music's role in the film art is not to be ignored. Whether a good film can be accepted by the public depends on whether it can capture the hearts of the audience. Film music is the messenger to reveal the theme of the film, show the background and atmosphere of the film, it bears the responsibility to achieve the classic, improve the audience's acceptance. Thus, movie music can make the audience accept the movie more easily.


Film music is an important means to express the hearts of characters, summarize the theme and coherent story development, it is a necessary condition on the development of the film industry, its importance is self-evident. Therefore, in order to improve the development of Chinese film art, film music is a "big project" that cannot be ignored.