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Essay范文:About sound Design in The Lion King 2020-03-03

Fanessay整理了一篇essay范文--About sound Design in The Lion King,本篇文章阐述的内容是关于《狮子王》的音效设计方面的,可以供大家了解下。《狮子王》里的音乐出现是为了烘托气氛,是能引导公众的情绪。在电影里,动画师用歌曲的形式去表达他们的经历与情感。这让角色们繁重乏味的独白就变得更有趣了,这也是因为有歌词的加入。在另一方面,音乐成为情节的向导,引领着故事的走向。同时,音乐可以作为粘合剂,无缝地整合、衔接与转换场景。《狮子王》的背景音乐,是种凝聚力所被创造出来的,这也给整部电影留下了深刻的印象。

The music in The Lion King emerges in order to heighten the atmosphere and guide the audienceemotion. In the film, in many cases, animators express their experiences and emotions in the form of songs. This turns the burdensome and boring monologues of the characters into much more interesting ones, with the installation of lyrics. On the other hand, the music becomes the guide of the plot and leads the trend of the story. In The Lion King, before the crisis comes, such as the scene when Mustafa was pushed off the cliff by Scar, urgent and tense music is played to the audience to establish psychological preparation.


Music also serves as the glue that integrate, connect, and transition scenes seamlessly. With the background music in The Lion King, a sense of cohesion is created that leaves a strong impression of the film as an entirety. As a way to convey the emotion of animation, music contributes directly to the visual scenes. For example, the beginning of The Lion King presents the audience with an amazing view of the African savannah accompanied by bright and bold voices in the harmony of African indigenous language. This effectively demonstrates the full of vigor and vitality and endless nature.


In The Lion King, music also took a more dominant and important role than simply being in the background to aid the plot. The dominant position of animated music in The Lion King is truly established through montage. Montage is when a group of shots are assembled with music. Music not only becomes a link connecting these shots, at the same time gives this group of shots meaning beyond the visual expression. The music montage realizes the control of the picture, with the latter assuming the subordinate role instead, as the image explanation of the music. The music in return is the deep interpretation of the emotion hidden in the picture.


In The Lion King, young lion Simba grows up in the process of walking, and gradually turns into a mighty adult lion. In this process, a series of changes in the music is made, indicating the hero's physical and psychological growth. This transition part is not very long, but through the application of music montage, the years has been perfectly condensed into a short moment, without losing the sense of time flow for the audience. This cannot be achieved without the guiding music.


The dialogue in The Lion King is very well-defined. Through the voice actors' understanding of, the characters and the plot, the characters are well shaped through the adoption of specific tone and pitch. The enlightened, kind, intelligent and powerful fatherhood of Lion King Mustafa in The Lion King is contributed by his calming voice and wise lines. His classic lines reflect Mustafa's wisdom vividly, letting the audience appreciate the true meaning of life and the endless development of nature with his warm affection.


Consistent with the audienceneeds, the dialogues in The Lion King are short, simple, yet vivid. There is also an important purpose of doing so, to make the facial expressions of the animators consistent with the spoken language. In addition to the simplicity of the main charactersdialogues, the addition of a couple of nagging supporting roles is arranged in the film to set off the protagonist's personality or highlight the protagonist's growth. Timon and Pumbaa are typical examples of such characters. Their addition brings a balance in the dialogues and even the overall sound of the film.