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Paper范文:The video games 2020-03-03

今天Fanessay整理了一篇paper范文--The video games,本篇文章讲述的内容是关于电子游戏方面的,可以供大家了解下。相信大家都知道,电子游戏在大众中是很受欢迎的,特别是在儿童的群众中。毫无疑问,电子游戏是成为孩子们一种娱乐的方式,并且是有助于促进玩家的眼睛与手的协调性。但是,电子游戏还是有很多缺点的,这是玩家要避免的。电子游戏的主要缺点如下:长时间玩的话会导致眼睛损伤,头痛和头晕;暴力的电子游戏会让孩子充满敌意;电子游戏玩多会使儿童变胖。



It is known to us that video games are quite popular among the wide public, especially among the large number of children. There is no doubt that video games are able to provide a better form of entertainment to kids and they can help promote the coordination between eyes and hands of the players. However, what is a pity to say is that video games are with many disadvantages for those players, which should be avoided by the players. The main disadvantages of video games can be listed in the following: playing video games for a long time can result in eye damage, dizziness and headaches; violent video games will make children hostile; playing video games will turn children obese.


Firstly, playing video games for long hours will lead to eye damage, dizziness and headaches. If the children play video games for long in front of the computers, they may easily experience eye pains out of bad influences from an excessive visual medium. As a result, they may start to wear glasses from an early age and it is hard for them to live without glasses later on. At the same time, dizziness and headaches will appear when children play the video games too long and they will feel uncomfortable.


Secondly, video games are not always safe and there are violent ones which will make the players become hostile. Violent games teach violent behaviors. They will imitate the violent means from the video and apply it in their daily life. Violent games are harmful for the healthy growth of children because those children may not know how to get along harmoniously with people around. Based on this, it is necessary for the players to play those video games concerning adventure, maze, puzzle, sports, etc. but not the violent ones.


Thirdly, playing video games will turn children to be fat because they spend less or no time in exercising. The time spent in playing video games take up most of their spare time so that they have no time for exercising. On usual occasions, people drink soda and eat junk food when they are playing video games. If they keep playing video games while eating unhealthily and not exercising enough, they are bound to become fatter and fatter. In the long run, their physical health will be seriously impacted.


To sum up, a reasonable conclusion can be drawn that video games are with numerous disadvantages. And the most three typical ones are the below three: playing video games too long can cause eye damage, dizziness and headaches; violent video games will make children hostile; playing video games will make children obese. Therefore it is necessary for children to pay attention to those disadvantages when they play video games in the future. In this way, they can enjoy the fun of playing video games and they wont be influenced badly too much.