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Paper范文:Mental health and Hamlet 2020-04-20

今天Fanessay分享一篇paper范文--Mental health and Hamlet,本篇文章讲述的内容是关于心理健康和哈姆雷特方面的资源评估,可以供大家了解下。虽然是没具体描述这个是否是个学术来源,但是可以通过网上提供的一些方法去评估它。刚开始阅读这篇文章的内容时,会注意到作者的写作结构是很清晰的,语言也是适合那些特定学科知识的人。根据标准,《破碎的机器和污染的心灵:心理健康和哈姆雷特》是篇学术与可靠的文章,可以用于学术论文里,是有资格激励观众与任何想要用它作为资源的人。


The source that I will be evaluating is, Broken Machines and Tainted Minds: Mental health and Hamlet, by the author Andrew J. Power. It was posted online by the author himself on the website of I found this article by searching on the via the key word of Hamlet. The author tries to analyze the mental problems in Hamlet through some scenes of the play Hamlet.


Although there is no specific description about whether this is a scholarly source, I can still evaluate it through some methodology provided online, and here I am going to compare this article with the tutorial provided by Know if an article is scholarly. In order to evaluate this source, I searched the book that published this article, and the editor of the book. I found out that this article is actually published in a book named On Literature and Science: Essays, Reflections, Provocations. , but there is not so much information about this book. Which fits the first characteristic of scholarly articles about advertisement: few, usually for publications. , this evidence is not strong so I looked up the group that published the book, I found out that the publisher Four Courts Press is an Irish academic publishing house, that meets the characteristic Know if an article is scholarly, meaning that It was published as an academic article. When I dig deeper, I find out that this is a book that assembled the studies of doctors from the Trinity Collegue of Dublin about literature and science, not only the author himself is a PHD from TCD, which fits the description of authors by Know if an article is scholarly, but also, the editor is one of the Doctors from TCD. So in a matter of fact, this article has been peer-reviewed. According to identifying guides, Sources, When a source has been peer-reviewed it has undergone the review and scrutiny of a review board of colleagues in the author's field(Researching & Writing Literature Reviews in Religious Studies: Identifying Scholarly Sources), Which confirms the reliability of the resource.


As I move to the content of this article, it can easily be noticed that the writing structure of the author is very clear with the language geared toward in those with knowledge of a specific discipline. It is mentioned in both Researching & Writing Literature Reviews in Religious Studies: Identifying Scholarly Sourcesand Know if an article is scholarly, showing that a scholarly article should have the certain characteristic for the audience to use in the future. There are many verified and cited information in order to prove author's idea, which makes this article more reliable because according to Researching & Writing Literature Reviews in Religious Studies: Identifying Scholarly Sources, a scholarly source should not be just a bias of authors own, it should have some supportive evidence to prove his idea.


Through the evidence, we can see from here that this article is consistent with the characteristics of academic resources, as for the current, regardless of the fact that this article was published in 2007, it wont affect the idea within. It provides a very interesting perspective for us to have a better understanding of the literature study, so it will be useful if we choose the right information.


In a word, according to tutorial, Broken Machines and Tainted Minds : Mental health and Hamletis a scholarly and reliable article that can be used in academic essays, and it is qualified on inspiring the audience and whoever going to use it as a resource.